Geekly Roundup, September 6th: Full of Mustard Edition

On this week’s Geekly Roundup podcast, Mike and David have a war of 3D printing, and Ben is left to helplessly watch. The three talk about cosplay inspiring its own source material, new science that seems like science fiction, the ever-contentious Star Citizen and the ever-enjoyable Ace Attorney, the fuzzy-ethics “Influencer” programs for sponsoring YouTube videos, and a new “mercy rule” in Destiny’s PvP matches. And what, exactly, does mustard have to do with any of this? You’ll have to listen to find out!

AoG Round Up 21

Dragon Age’s hidden costume design influences: cosplayers

Some game, movie, and comic companies go the extra mile and create “cosplay references” — specifically drawn artwork showing all the details of a character’s costume in clear detail for cosplayers to use as references images when creating a character’s outfit in reality. BioWare takes that extra extra mile, as they often do, and asks cosplayers what does and doesn’t work about the characters’ costumes — both from a cosplay standpoint and a utilitarian standpoint. Realistically, after all, any good Inquisitor will need somewhere to keep the essentials, and so why force an outfit that doesn’t include pockets?

VetiGel: a futuristic bandaid in a syringe

With a combination of algae and other agents, VetiGel is a fast-acting, syringe-based liquid bandage that clamps down and coagulates wounds in instants. The chemical shows incredible promise for emergency situations, where every drop of blood lost can mean a less fortunate outlook for a victim, and is a remarkable use of some of the more impressive work nature has already created in somewhat self-healing algae.

A look at the creator and hardworking lead of Star Citizen

Star Citizen provides an audio update and a look at its FPS module Star Marine

Few games in development are more contentious than Star Citizen, the upcoming Kickstarted game that broke records across the board and features such current add-ons as an entire range of additional in-game ships for close to fifteen thousand dollars…for a game that hasn’t been released yet. There are new details around the game’s audio and some shots of the FPS portion of the heavily multifaceted game, Star Marine, but the fact remains that as hard-working as Star Citizen’s creator is and with as much money as the team has crowd-funded, the game is likely to carry a stigma and considerable controversy until, and perhaps even beyond, its release.

Ace Attorney 6 announced

The Ace Attorney series takes the racing pulse of high-stakes courtroom drama and neatly carries it into a world where the Japanese judicial system is strictly two parties and a judge, and where the sheer incompetence of the police means that a lawyer must conduct his own investigations to find the information he needs to help a client’s case hold up in court…and it’s a world which is beloved by millions. The original Ace Attorney, featuring lawyer Phoenix Wright and his massive “OBJECTION!” speech balloons, was wildly popular; this, the sixth entry in the series, mixes both Wright’s story and that of his in-game successor and collaborator, Apollo Justice.

FTC slams YouTube Group that participated in Xbox “Influencers” program

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on entities that participated in a somewhat subversive Xbox “Influencers” program — a program that dictated, in certain terms, what sort of videos game-video artists on YouTube were to make to promote the Xbox and its products. Regulations included the context in which the Xbox and game were presented, the types of shots to include, even to some extent the dialogue and content to be presented, as shown in court documents describing the Microsoft guidelines regarding the program and its videos. The FTC holding companies and YouTube to a higher standard rather than a subversive handshake could be huge regarding similar marketing and affiliate campaigns going forward.

Jimmy Kimmel makes a Let’s Play, is kind of a dick about it

For this week’s Deuce of Geek’s award, Jimmy Kimmel followed up some excellent videos about terrible things “gamers” had sent him via Twitter with a painful and stereotype-reinforcing segment about a “Let’s Play!” YouTube video. His jokes are demeaning and overly simplistic, falling on old tropes of gamers being losers or needing a life, and while the YouTube veterans featured in the video seem game to deal with the nature of Jimmy’s chosen sketch, Polygon and others that have seen the video are considerably less impressed.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Starbrand & Nightmask ongoing series announced (Newsarama)

Supergirl casts a dual role for T. O. Morrow and Red Tornado (Comic Book Resources)

Hunger Games and Transformers timing out from Netflix (Comicbook.com)

The cast of the Resident Evil stage play is entirely Japanese (Rocket News 24)

Daredevil casts Blake Tower, New York DA (Newsarama)

The official Macbeth trailer (YouTube)

Star Wars: Episode VIII rumors include Tatiana Maslany, Gina Rodriguez, and Olivia Cooke (The Nerdist)

More on the movie about making Grand Theft Auto (Wired)

River Song to return for Doctor Who Christmas Special (Spinoff Online)

Official “Shannara Chronicles” trailer (YouTube)

Fox greenlights a Mega Man movie (Tracking Board)

Joe Madureira channels Final Fantasy in new Battle Chasers game (Polygon)

Coming soon: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes(The Nerdist)

Barry Sonnenfeld named Netflix Lemony Snicket director (Slashfilm)

Bethesda completes recording of 111,000 lines of dialogue for Fallout 4 (Game Informer)

Harry Potter fans can now attend Hogwarts in real life (Mic)

Article about Metroid’s Samus is met with considerable transphobic vitriol (The Mary Sue)

AI robot learns new words in real time, tell creators it will keep them in a “human zoo”(Glitch)

Hayao Miyazaki to build children’s nature sanctuary for remote Japanese island (Hollywood Reporter)

Google announces Nexus event for September 29th (The Next Web)

Six Flags reveals The Joker roller coaster (Comicbook.com)

Grad student develops 3D-printed adapted trumpet device for boy missing fingers (3dprint.com)

Thanks again for joining us for a condiment-heavy Geekly Roundup — we’ll see you next week!

The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week.  The Geekly Roundup podcast this week features Mike Fatum, David Losey, and Ben Fried-Lee.

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Top image: Varric cosplay by Amie Lynn, photo by ScottEnglishPhoto

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