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Today on the Geekly Roundup, Mike, Lauren and Mark discuss the framing of Mad Max: Fury Road, and how it’s so different from most modern film making. (No offense, Michael Bay. No, wait, offense, Michael Bay.) That leads into a discussion of Sense8, and how professional studio cameras are like SUVs. Then – Nintendo’s new console might run on Android? Darth Vader is for everybody – so why are ad execs stuck in the 1950s? Do we just live in an echo chamber? What will they blow up in San Andreas 2? Why is XCOM 2 just for PC? How does Comedy fight Nazism? So? Many? Questions? Find some answers on this week’s roundup podcast and even more fun stuff in our Geekly Roundup!


AoG Round Up 13

transparent ace teal copy The reasoning behind Mad Max: Fury Road’s center framing in video form

The depth evident in the wildly successful Fury Road only keeps getting revealed; in a commentary track from cinematographer John Seale, this video talks about director George Miller’s effort to adjust the center point of each frame to present as much information as was essentially needed in a manner easy for the audience. The video makes for an interesting watch, and it’s sure to be an approach that, along with the rest of the movie, is dissected for years to come.

transparent ace teal copy Nintendo’s next console will bear an OS based upon Android (UPDATED: Or not)

This has since been debunked — outright denied by Nintendo, as the updated Ars Technica article points out — but the possibilities presented by a high-end, mainstream video gaming company adopting Android as a potential basis for a console are intriguing, to say the least, for its third-party plugin potential and ability to provide porting to mobile platforms.

transparent ace teal copy The young fan who forced Disney to agree that Darth Vader is for girls too

When a Darth Vader costume was listed as being “for boys”, seven-year-old Izzy Cornthwaite decided not to let her own disappointment ruin her upcoming birthday: She wrote Disney and explained her disappointment. Disney’s response? All of their costumes now read as “for kids”, much as Scholastic had made a similar change to their lines of children’s books and Clarks to its shoes not long before.

transparent ace teal copy XCOM 2 due in November for computers…but not consoles

A trailer is out now for the sequel to the outstanding franchise reboot Enemy Unknown, and it looks excellent — and it will find its way to PC all too soon…but nowhere else. For whatever reason, the implication is that the upcoming game, which retcons Enemy Unknown to put the XCOM team in a post-invasion, alien-occupied Earth, will not see console or tablet release. The more likely explanation is that the game will simply be released on PC first, but as yet, there’s no new word.

transparent ace teal copy DC’s Supergirl casting honors its Hollywood legacy

Far from being a publicity stunt, the casting of Dean Cain and Helen Slater in DC’s upcoming Supergirl TV series is a nod to the fact that until (and sometimes even excluding) recent years, playing an iconic superhero had never been any guarantee of lasting success or continued employment. By giving some of the oft-overlooked actors of previous superhero work a job, be it Cain, Slater, Michael Jai White, Kelly Hu, or even The Flash’s nods to John Wesley Shipp, Mark Hamill, and Amanda Pays of the 1990 series. This piece by Comic Book Resources is an excellent look at some of the casting nods DC and Marvel have provided in creating their latest contributions to the current superhero boom.

transparent ace teal copy Discarded Apple I in junk pile sells for $200,000

In the “One woman’s trash…” department, the San Jose Mercury News brings us a surprising tale of a woman from the South Bay trying to recycle a variety of computers collected by her late husband, wanting to properly relinquish them after his passing. To the surprise of the recycling firm, Clean Bay Area, one of the computer was a vintage Apple I – one of the hand-crafted original Apple prototypes built by Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne in 1976. The computers number only about 200, and in a private collection, the firm sold the unit for $200,000, which by company policy they plan to share 50-50 with the woman who donated it…if they can find her.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

#CharlieCharlieChallenge revealed as viral marketing stunt (The Daily Dot)

New details about YA novel Black Widow: Forever Red (The Mary Sue)

Downey teases Civil War battle lines, Stan Lee talks cameo (Comic Book Resources)

One Million Moms: Lucifer ‘mocks the bible’, organization starts petition for cancellation (Neil Gaiman/Tumblr)

Mark Millar has an idea for a Hit-Girl spin-off (Comic Book Resources)

Petition to rescue Disney’s canceled Tron 3 (The Spin-Off/Comic Book Resources)

Sofia Coppola leaves live-action Little Mermaid over creative differences (The Mary Sue)

Disney developing live-action movie of iconic Fantasia sequence (Variety)

Rogue One writer reaches out to Neil deGrasse Tyson for help with astronomy (The Mary Sue)

Age of Ultron crosses $900 million internationally (

Gunn confirms Star-Lord’s father to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Comic Book Resources)

New photos from Ant-Man (Comic Book Resources)

Bryan Singer shows first look at Cerebro from X-Men: Apocalypse (Comic Book Resources)

James Wan officially directing both Aquaman and Robotech (Comic Book Resources)

New, canon Star Wars comic book introduces Han’s estranged wife (io9)

Attack on Titan/Avengers crossover comic now available for free (Comic Book Resources)

DreamWorks’ Dragons producers prepare their Race to the Edge for Netflix (The Spin-Off/Comic Book Resources)

Kamala Khan to make her first animated appearance in Avengers: Ultron Revolution (The Mary Sue)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Luke Mitchell upgraded to series regular in Season 3 (

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. promotes Henry Simmons to series regular for Season 3 (Comic Book Resources)

Star Wars: Uprising, the Diablo-inspired project from a Disney and Kablam collaboration (Kotaku)

Lego Dimensions: The video game’s IMDB page (IMDB)

Sony registers a 1TB PlayStation 4 (Kotaku)

Momotaru Dentetsu series ends, developer snipes publicly at Konami (Kotaku)

Valve gives Team Fortress 2 what it really needs: user-created workshop maps (Steamed/Kotaku)

BBC America want your Doctor Who, Orphan Black fan art to display at SDCC (The Mary Sue)

Dumbledore and Gandalf to marry in front of Westboro Baptist Church (The Irish Times)

Disneyland resort introduces the first female Jedi Master (The Mary Sue)

New York neighborhood throws parade after 4-year-old girl is told she couldn’t be Spider-Man (The Mary Sue)

Unique pinball machine is too big to fit your basement (Kotaku)

Hot Toys introduces a Scarlet Witch action figure from Age of Ultron (Robot 6/Comic Book Resources)

Justice Department ramps up its theater chains investigation (Entertainment Weekly)

California’s expanded tax credit set for Veep, American Horror Story (Variety)

Lexi Alexander to direct Arrow episode this August (Screen Gonzo)

Hyundai Grandeur ad features the Justice League (video) (Hyundai/YouTube)

The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week.  The Geekly Roundup podcast this week features Mark Foo, Lauren Harrington, and Mike Fatum.

Contributions for this week’s Roundup were submitted by MalKontent, Mark, Jonathan, and Melissa.

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