Geekly Roundup, June 21st: Dear Sony, Women Like Stuff Too Edition



Thanks to the blog’s appearance at Wizard World Sacramento, there’s no Roundup podcast this week — check out Kyle, Jon, and Mike on our latest E3 Roundup podcast on the main show instead! This week, we’ve got a range of subtle misogyny, curious changes in pay, and fans taking action about their games — and the lost friends that played them. Read on!

transparent ace teal copySony promises Ghostbusters merchandise featuring girl-oriented toys

In a nod to the female-oriented, Paul Feig-helmed revival of Ghostbusters, Sony has announced that via their over ninety licensees they will be sure to offer more girl-centric toys. Like fashion dolls, as the example they put forward suggests. Unless they’re just poor at coming up with examples on the spot — and with so many licensees and opportunities, they could well be — we’re not impressed yet.

transparent ace teal copyDavid Tennant joins animated adaptation of Chew

One of the recent revelations in comics not from the Big Two is John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew, about FDA agent and natural cibopath Tony Chu and his struggles in a post-bird-flu America. The series is well-written and deep despite its light-hearted tone, with engaging characters, and has been picked up for an upcoming animated feature; count us even more excited to learn that David Tennant has signed on as the voice of Mason Savoy, Chu’s former mentor and on-and-off ally and adversary.

transparent ace teal copySony had concerns about Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist being female

Color us terribly surprised that an employee of a major video game publisher — citing pressure from even above themselves — was worried about a female protagonist for Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s hard to know if it’s sadder that we still live in an era of female protagonists being regarded as “not being able to carry games”, or that video game companies continue to be tone-deaf about the subject despite considerable evidence to the contrary.

transparent ace teal copyCrafton Hills College will not ban Persepolis, Sandman after request

Despite a request from one student regarding the graphic content (literally and figuratively) in novels like Fun Home, Persepolis, and The Sandman, no graphic novels will be removed from the reading list for Crafton Hills’ English 250 class. While a disclaimer may be added to the course description by the professor, changes to the course will not be required or implemented. No previous complaints had been received regarding the material.

transparent ace teal copyAmazon to pay Kindle authors by page turns rather than book sales

In a curious twist, Amazon’s traditional model — dividing its allotted author payments in a ratio based upon book sales, among other things — has been replaced by a model paying authors in a proportion based upon how many pages readers flip through. In this interesting question posed by The Atlantic, Peter Wayner wonders whether this will create unnecessarily padded works, or whether the need to create and drive interest in the book itself will result in many an under-sized novel packed to the gills with cliffhangers and breathless intrigue — even the ones that could well do without.

transparent ace teal copyXavier Woods, aka Austin Creed, has a new video gaming channel on YouTube, UpUpDownDown

For the wrestling geeks that follow our site, you’ll know Austin Creed better as Xavier Woods, mouth-running member of WWE’s clapping fonts of positivity, the New Day tag team. For the rest of you, Austin is a geek, an athlete, and an aspiring PhD who has decided to create his own YouTube channel — featuring everything from Let’s Play-style segments to spicy-hot-pepper-infused games of FIFA against fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston. Up for some whimsical game-playing by a geek with an over-the-top performing streak? Settle in and watch UpUpDownDown at the link above.

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The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week. Contributions for this week’s Roundup were submitted by Mark, MalKontent, and Ben.







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