Geekly Roundup, July 12th: Something Something San Diego Edition


It’s San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and that means the news is flying fast and furious! On this week’s Geekly Roundup podcast, Mark, David, and Ellie talk the return of The Iron Giant to the big screen, Paul Feig’s cosplay tips for aspiring Ghostbusters, news on the FFVII remake, the rising prominence of gay superheroes post-Obergefell by the New York Times, and the nightmare that is Google Deep Dream. If you haven’t already heard, we have a new theme courtesy of The Y Axes — check them out here! And check out all the news from this week below the jump!

AoG Round Up 16

transparent ace teal copy Paul Feig provides pointers, diagrams on new proton packs for cosplayers

If you wanted to clean up your new Ghostbusters cosplay in honor of the forthcoming female-fronted reboot, wait no more — Paul Feig has you covered, complete with the specifications for the new proton pack, dimensions for the gun, and best of all, key descriptions of what each part does. You never know when you’ll need to explain your job to someone that might pay you to do it.

transparent ace teal copy Gay comic book characters break stereotypes

Though the language is a bit short and simple, as the Times often is, the overview and summary of the change in LGBTQ+ description in comics isn’t a bad introduction to the expanding approaches to diversity in comics.

transparent ace teal copy The Final Fantasy VII remake will be more than just a high-definition port

If you were already excited about seeing the Midgar you remember in high definition, Square Enix has a “but wait, there’s more!” for you. Tetsuya Nomura says the aim is to “surpass” the original FFVII, allowing the original gameplay to evolve or progress. As Nomura says, “if you are going to do a full remake, you have to take a different approach and make something that suits the times.” Color us intrigued.

transparent ace teal copy Fear and Loathing, via Google Deep Dream

Deep Dream has taken off since its open sourcing, allowing AI to “dream” with a provided photo using machine recognition software taken far past its logical limit. The results are usually trippy, wild, and somewhere between psychedelic and creepy — much like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and so the poor soul that figured out how to run video through the system ran a scene through Google’s system. The results are most definitely hnnnnnrrrrgh, man.

transparent ace teal copy The Iron Giant returning to theaters in fall as Signature Edition

It’s a family favorite and a film loved by many a moviegoer, and now it’s returning to the big screen with bonus scenes! The Iron Giant will be coming back as a Signature Edition, meaning you can take your kids, nieces, nephews, or unofficial nieces and nephews to see the giant iron man from outer space as grandiosely large on screen as he deserves to be in our imaginations.

transparent ace teal copy Father sews Ms. Marvel outfit for daughter

The lack of female-centric merchandise from the Marvel universe has been discussed in many a forum, but this dad’s six-year-old daughter wanted to be Ms. Marvel. When he couldn’t find a costume for her anywhere, he turned to making his own — and she loves being Kamala Khan! He’s used the opportunity to publicize the photo and plead with Marvel to widen the diversity of their march offerings — but it’s also freaking adorable, and you should take a look.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Square Enix suspends Final Fantasy XIV Mac sales (Kotaku)

A new Digimon game coming to America (Kotaku)

Derek Smart’s clarifications regarding his Star Citizen opinion piece (Derek Smart/Tumblr)

Starfleet Academy Experience coming in 2016 (Star Trek)

Arthur Suydam’s Artist Alley controversy at Montreal Comic-Con (Comic Book Resources)

PewDiePie’s 2014 earnings (GameSpot)

Girl dismantles boys-only robotics program (The Mary Sue)

Nintendo killed Wii game with work environment (Ars Technica)

Disney XD debuts animated Guardians of the Galaxy poster (Comic Book Resources)

Harry Shearer to return to The Simpsons (Entertainment Weekly)

Arthur Suydam’s agent issues statement regarding Montreal CC, then pulls it (Comic Book Resources)

AfterShock Comics adds Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman (Comic Book Resources)

Locke and Key audiobook features Maslany, Mulgrew, Stephen King (The Mary Sue)

Dark Horse comics inks cable TV deal, preps Umbrella Academy (Hollywood Reporter)

Ernest Cline’s Armada is a reference-laden wish-fulfillment fantasy, but doesn’t deliver much else (Slate)

The time filming Orphan Black made Tatiana Maslany cry (io9)

Goosebumps official trailer (Sony Pictures/YouTube)

Game of Thrones Risk is coming…in August (Game of Laughs)

Dark Puppet Comedy “The Happytime Murders” (Slashfilm)

Plagiarism accusations shake community of Dark Souls (Kotaku)

San Diego: Comic-Con more important than Chargers (

NotGTAV disappears from Steam after curious copyright claim (Steamed)

Dark Horse announces Legend of Korra comic, featuring Korrasami (The Mary Sue)

Arrow casts Damien Darhk with Neal McDonough (Entertainment Weekly)

DC to launch new Superman titles (Newsarama)

Once Upon A Time casts Merlin and Guinevere (Hypable)

Kittens Game – incremental gaming in which Dark Souls meets A Dark Room (

Audition tapes from Game of Thrones (BuzzFeed)

The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week.  The Geekly Roundup podcast this week features Mark Foo, David Losey, and Ellie Collins.

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