Geekly Roundup: The Good, The Sid, and The Ugly Edition

It’s a new Roundup, full of discussions in design and gaming, the latest up-and-coming announcements, touching and grueling stories about people being people, and of course, the latest in the scientific world. We’ve got more news and views than you can shake a stick at — so put that stick down (down, we said) and check out this week’s Geekly Roundup!

Games: Behind the Curtain

The only thing that can be more intriguing and interesting than the games we play is the mysterious goings-on behind the scenes, as we see in the examples here — from the gradual development of one of Final Fantasy’s largest enemies to the woes of creating a AAA game in today’s market to the interesting ways in which video games try to address the end of things. We see the sometimes invisible shortcuts games take, as in Far Cry Primal’s nod to the franchise’s fourth entry, or the unexpected ways they make ideas work, such as Quantum Break’s storing its live-action intercut sequences on the Internet, rather than its disc media. The behind the scenes work can include incredibly detailed work done via computer, as with the head of one of The Witcher 3’s main characters, or by hand, as in the hand-built prototype of the upcoming Battlestations board game.

Coming Soon…

New, fresh and just over the horizon — the latest news from Disney is that everyone’s new favorite super-team that didn’t start as a comic book, Big Hero 6, is set to become a television show! Meanwhile, the team that developed the iconic Myst series is teasing a new game in the same vein, Obduction, and the ever-iterating card-game and board-game video-game ideas find a new root in Labyrinth. The developers of Life is Strange have newer, even darker tales to tell with Vampyr, the four-color, cartoonish world of Archie takes a startlingly gritty turn in Riverdale, and if you love yourself some Dark Souls, some Lords of the Fallen, and some science fiction, you’ll definitely want to look into The Surge. Meanwhile, in bigger game news, the hotly-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda will have to be hotly anticipated for just a little bit longer, as it’s set to debut later than expected.

In the Human Interest

The most powerful stories are the ones we ourselves create, from the good, exploring the ways that gaming and escapism can protect our mental health in even the most stressful and unthinkable situations; to the varied, like the remarkably humble man behind one of the most recognizable names in video game design of all time; to the ugly, in the visceral and often vitriolic reaction shaping the ongoing debate of cultural localization and its encounters with the misogynistic Gamergate crowd.


You want science? Have we ever got science! Space is weird (cosmic radio bursts) and huge (farther galaxies than we’ve ever even seen before). The ocean is weird and huge (crazy soundscapes from the Marianas Trench). People, on the other hand, are just weird (as the study of bullshit continues)…but it’s often pretty great (as the brightest of creative minds get together to envision space colonization at the White House).

Elsewhere on the Internet:

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In Memoriam

And Don’t Forget

The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week.  Contributions for this week’s Roundup were submitted by MalKontent, Mary Anne, Ben, and Theresa.

Ben Lee
With a wide variety of interests ranging from baseball to theater and dance to technology to writing, Ben has given up on being good at any one thing and settled for being not half bad at a handful of things instead. He can usually be found cleaning up paperwork after a motley but wonderful crew of retail technicians; failing that, you can generally find him on the RP_OK Podcast at the Ace of Geeks, or on the San Francisco Giants-centric TortureCast. His Steam shame list is quickly growing legendary, and it's quite rare he's playing or watching anything made in the last five years.

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