Geekly Roundup: Ewok-to-Wookiee Ratio Edition

Geekly Roundup 35

On this week’s Geekly Roundup, Mike is joined by two newbies, Scott Woodbury and Mae Linh Fatum! We’ll discuss the American remake of Misfits, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex finally opening its doors (Stargate!) and review the new Steam Controller! Plus – how many Ewoks in a Wookie? And we face the terrible wrath of the Bar-log!

From this week’s podcast

Knowing Your History

As much as we enjoy peeks into the past like the making of a scene from Beauty and the Beast or a written history of EVE Online, it’s also important to be sure we remember the ways in which our history makes us flawed — such as the erasure of LGBT characters in Sailor Moon’s first arrival on American shores, or the research into cults done by The Church in the Darkness developer Richard Rouse. Even so, appreciating our successes is also important, such as the oral history behind the popular Taxi Driver or the realistic discussion Square Enix has occasionally made about revamping Final Fantasy XV.

Rebirth, or Retread? DC’s Latest Revamp

DC’s latest initiative is called Rebirth, meant to take its characters back to their roots — or at least, back to the most appealing things that made DC a powerhouse of popular heroism in its day. Lately, despite reboot after reboot and a number of remarkable titles and authors on their own, as a whole DC has flagged in comparison to the general storytelling and cultural mindshare of Marvel. What’s to be done? Maybe not…quite…this. Rebirth is coming — we’ll see, between DC’s massive amounts of hype and an unknown number of changes to its core franchises and its dropping of some marginalized, poorly-marketed books despite their inclusive casts and critical acclaim, where this latest endeavor finds the now-Burbank-based publisher.


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