Geekly Roundup: Edition From The New Frontier

With a style all his own hearkening back to a time of old, Darwyn Cooke was and is widely regarded as one of the most unique and standout artists in all of comic creation. Cooke, sadly, succumbed to a short and aggressive bout with cancer at the age of 53 last week; remembered by many who came into contact with him, even in short con appearances and otherwise, as incredibly kind as he was creative, Cooke’s signature style and warm personality will be sorely missed by fans, friends, and family.

Known for roles in popular anime such as Tekkaman Blade, Martian Successor Nadesico, Saber Marionette J and Digimon, veteran voice actress Yuko Mizutani was known most recently for the role of Tsukino Ikuko, mother of lead character Usagi on Sailor Moon Crystal. Sadly, Mizutani passed last week due to breast cancer at the age of 51; she will be missed quite dearly for the many fans whom her voice carried into anime.

Naomi Novik, Nnedi Okorafor, Sarah Pinsker, Alyssa Wong – all winners of the 2015 Nebula Awards, and all female authors, in a sweep of the ceremony. After the drama of the Hugo Awards earlier in the year, with a reactionary group of slates trying to push back against a growing (and deserving) diversity in science fiction writing, the Nebula Awards have served to remind us that inclusion and science fiction continue to grow hand-in-hand.

We’ve mentioned it in a previous article, but the release approaches for the reboot of Voltron, produced by Netflix and led by alumni of The Legend of Korra. The trailer grants us a better view into the characters involved, and features voice acting from well-known actors Josh Keaton, Tyler Labine, Jeremy Shada, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Steven Yeun, Kimberly Brooks, and Rhys Darby, among others. The team takes some pride in rolling with their outlandish anime-inspired elements, rather than trying to source technobabble or alter them entirely, and the show aims to forgo the original show’s elements – which, admittedly, have aged poorly – and instead capture the nostalgia with which Voltron’s fans remember the show. Voltron: Legendary Defender releases in full on June 10.

Greg Berlanti, executive producer of The Flash and Supergirl, has confirmed rumors of a Booster Gold feature – and his own involvement in it. Berlanti also confirmed Zack Stentz will be writing, coming off of X-Men: First Class, Thor, and the upcoming Power Rangers reboot.

In the first of a monthly video series, Marvel is hyping their monthly Black Panther ongoing – riding the wave of the character’s positive reception in Captain America: Civil War. For the videos, current writer Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses the current state of the character, with a soundtrack provided by hip-hop legends Run the Jewels. It’s a great way to get into the latest era of Black Panther even if you’re not as familiar with the character’s past, or his comic book incarnation, before things start changing – and, in Wakanda, things are about to change rapidly.

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