Geekly Roundup: Cigarettes And Nightmares Edition

Geekly Roundup 33

On this week’s Geekly Roundup podcast, Mark, Lauren, and Kyle are here to make your life better! We’ve got tips on quitting smoking, fighting your nightmares, and of course, the existential horror of the Smurfs’ album with Father Abraham…AND actual geek stuff, like Star Trek: Axanar, pregnant T-Rexes, Red Dead Redemption 2, and a possible Lobo movie in the works at DC. Check out this week’s show, and see all the news we found this week right here at the Geekly Roundup!

From this week’s podcast:

Games: The Human Connection

We’re just around the corner from this year’s Game Developers’ Conference, and a lot of developers who have made incredibly engaging and gripping games this year have things to say — indie developers like Henrike Lode, who wants to see some of the topics we never talk about in gaming, or the developers of fantastic storytelling games like That Dragon, Cancer, Cibele, and the poignantly crushing Fragments of Him. There’s some talk of how the young protagonist of Life is Strange could save very real lives, how real-life trauma inspired the spaceborne Adrift, incredible face-capture work for the upcoming Hellblade, and the way a once-in-a-generation talent is literally breaking EA’s NBA 2K16.

GDC: Reach Out and Touch Someone

Virtual reality is the new hotness, and from sweet short films like Allumette to new ways to play like Tilt Brush, or from virtual rollercoasters to the vertigo they can inspire, there’s lots of news on the virtual front! If you’re a Myst fan, you might like Thunderbird, a virtual-reality take on the exploration puzzle genre — or you could just scare the pants off of yourself with The Brookhaven Experiment. Take the stage as a superstar guitar-player in the Oculus Touch-enabled Rock Band, or climb into the cockpit of the ship that made the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs at the upcoming Disney-based Millennium Falcon VR ride!


Scientific discoveries and breakthroughs can be sensationalized a bit (as with the cavalierly-named Sonic Hedgehog gene) but science, sometimes even more than reality, can capture our imagination in unusual ways. From discoveries of an unknown room in King Tut’s tomb to a ball that puts out small fires by sitting in them, from virtual tabletops on real tabletops to the computer that defeated a Go grand master, science is moving quickly — read above and try to keep up!

Elsewhere on the Internet:

It’s a Visual Medium







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The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week.  The Geekly Roundup podcast this week features Mark Foo, Lauren Harrington, and Kyle Johannessen.

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