Geekly Roundup, August 9th: Heroes on Heroes Edition

On this week’s Geekly Roundup Podcast, a severely under-caffeinated Ben and Lauren join Mark to talk about the physics conundrums presented by black holes, how little people like the Fantastic Four movie but how much they like its actors, a highly sketchy Steam game that has warranted unconditional refunds, the X-Men joining the small screen, and D&D returning to the big screen! And when you’re done with that, see all of it and more in the Roundup articles below!

AoG Round Up 19

transparent ace teal copy The strange fate of a person passing through a black hole

In the latest “thought experiment”, Leonard Susskind’s theories regarding black holes are re-examined. Since information cannot be destroyed, one must be turned to ash at a black hole’s event horizon; since time proceeds onwards, one must drift infinitely until old age before reaching a black hole’s singularity; because both of these things are true according to conventional physics, one must effectively be cloned upon entering a black hole’s event horizon. The reasoning is interesting and the examples get complicated, but it’s worth a read (or a few).

transparent ace teal copy Fantastic Four actors walk out of racist, sexist interview

It’s one thing when an interview is simply not well done or poorly executed. When it becomes determinedly racist (however benignly so in the mind of the interviewer), sexist (insisting on talking about a woman’s hair as a sign of worth), or just downright creepy (no one should ever tell a guest on their show that they’re a ‘toe guy’). Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara opted to get up and leave the interview. We really can’t blame them.

transparent ace teal copy Josh Trank implies Fox is responsible for Fantastic Four’s bad reviews

In a hastily removed tweet, Fantastic Four director Josh Trank implied that the cut of FF rendered by the studio has little to nothing to do with the cut he had a year ago, which was, in his mind, excellent. This lines up with existing rumors suggesting action scenes built into the movie were cut and that the ending was heavily altered by the studios, but as Trank quickly removed the offending tweet, we’ll have to see.

transparent ace teal copy Valve offers unconditional refunds for suspicious Journey of the Light

So many games billed as difficult or incredibly puzzling have done a wonderful job of building a community that works together to solve its challenges and trials, even down to things like the real-life Trials Fusion puzzles. As such, it seemed like a reason for excitement when Journey of the Light promised an intensely difficult experience and seven to eight levels of puzzling challenge…and then, when someone looked into the code, turned out to be one incomplete level that was literally impossible to beat. Several strange and increasingly sketchy interactions with the game’s creator via Twitter later, Valve has made the decision to pull the game from Steam entirely and to provide unconditional refunds to anyone who purchased the game…even if they violate Steam’s return policy by playing for more than two hours. Not a step we see Valve take often!

transparent ace teal copy Fox confirms an X-Men TV series in development

With Age of Apocalypse primed to hit the big screen soon, Fox has turned its attention to a possible live-action TV series! Little has been discussed regarding a potential X-Men television show, and the studio is supposedly still in talks with Marvel regarding the rights; we’re wary — as we are with many Marvel properties not run by Marvel as of late — but curious to see what comes next.

transparent ace teal copy New Dungeons and Dragons movie announced

While the Dungeons and Dragons universes are ripe with story information that could be used to make a movie, we would have liked to see more of a detail of which of various existing worlds, if any, is ripe for the plucking — to establish further faith in a team of producers that, admittedly, includes some of the same team that world on the previous attempts at turning D&D into movie form. We’ll be quite surprised if Justin Whalin turns up for this one, too.

transparent ace teal copy StarCraft’s Medic will join Heroes of the Storm

Your all-StarCraft team for Heroes of the Storm has just taken another step towards reality, as the iconic and sometimes sultry-voiced medic is joining HotS as a support character! Though many have also clamored for the appearance of well-loved Praetor Fenix, he’s been confirmed for a later date (see link below) so far.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

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As always, thanks for joining us for the Geekly Roundup — let us know your thoughts on the latest from all across geekdom, and we’ll talk more geek next week!

The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week.  The Geekly Roundup podcast this week features Mark Foo, Lauren Harrington, and Ben Fried-Lee.

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