Geekly Roundup: Speaking In Tongues Edition

No podcast this week, but there’s plenty of great news to recap — check out some of our favorites, from invented languages to Ubisoft internal politics to the Doom Patrol!

Meet the People Who Make Up Alien Languages (The Nerdist)

Some of the most interesting, lasting parts of a fandom are often the languages associated with it — especially when those languages are designed with their own grammatical systems, unusual sounds, writing systems, or contextual cultural backgrounds, giving a setting a life and identity all its own. This entry from the Motion Pictures Academy demonstrates the lasting impact that fully-fleshed languages like Na’vi, Dothraki, and Klingon have had on the fans that have followed them.

Welcome to Night Vale to launch new sci-fi series and podcasting network (The Daily Dot)

The fantastically eccentric and yet close-to-home podcast Welcome to Night Vale has even more up its sleeve, as it announces an upcoming podcasting platform entitled Night Vale Presents; the initial series that will start the platform rolling, Alice Isn’t Dead, is a story about a truck driver on a cross-country search for the wife she thought was dead, replete with Night Vale’s traditionally weird aesthetic and star the show’s Jasika Nicole.

Amsterdam Arcade Gaming Hotel (Hypebeast)

The normal reason to book a hotel in Amsterdam is to go outside and visit the city, generally; the Arcade Hotel, on the other hand, might be a perfectly good place to stay inside. With consoles in each of its themed rooms, gaming events in the common areas, and a comic book library, there really just aren’t a lot of reasons to be out of doors, are there?

Doom Patrol Member Arrives in “Legends of Tomorrow” Episode Synopsis (Comic Book Resources)

The roster for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow just keeps growing, with DC characters from the A-level to the D-level added on all the time. The latest is Valentina Vostok, at one point a Checkmate agent, at another Negative Woman, the female analogue of the Doom Patrol’s Negative Man. It’s unknown as yet what role Vostok will play on the show, but DC is clearly willing to use all kinds of names from its history to make the show work, and it should be fun. (That, and we expressed a fanciful hope for a Doom Patrol series way back here, when Titans was still almost a thing.) We’re still holding out for Beast Boy.

How Sony Stopped A Vita Port From Being Canned (Kotaku)

It’s not the first time Sony has done this, but it’s one of our favorites: the developers of the fantastic independent game The Banner Saga, bearing all of four full-time staffers to their name, wasn’t going to be able to allocate resources to bring their critically-acclaimed adventure-strategy-drama to the Playstation…so Sony stepped in.

What It’s Like To Work On A Massive Ubisoft Game (Kotaku)

Now, we love our AAA games, like Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, or Mass Effect, but in this tale recounted by a former Ubisoft developer, the nature of working on a large game with an even larger staff spread out across multiple studios and countries can be a logistical nightmare and a very different take on development from, say, Crashlands or Undertale and their minimalist, more holistic approach to game design.

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Artist Turns Classic Video Games Into Subway Maps (Curbed)

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What is a Cosplay Tribute (The Escapist)

The Tower Sounds Like Deus Ex vs Dredd (Kotaku)

Astronauts Almost Killed Their First Flowers (Gizmodo)

If Twin Peaks had been a PSone game, it would have been Mizzurna Falls (Polygon)

Eve: Valkyrie alpha: Hands-on with the Oculus Rift’s killer app (Polygon)

Brain wave: The PhDs changing games (Polygon)

Here’s the Behind-the-Scenes Story of SpaceX’s Rocket Launch and Landing Attempt (Gizmodo)

‘Deadpool’ Denied Release in China Due to Graphic Violence (Hollywood Reporter)

Beautiful STAR WARS Fan Film Delivers with Forceful Emotion (The Nerdist)

Watch this footage from Torment: Tides of Numenera (Polygon)

Why This Final Fantasy Is Important to Gaming (Cheat Code Central)

The Geekly Roundup is a weekly Ace of Geeks feature that brings together all the interesting things we’ve encountered across the Internet this week.  Contributions for this week’s Roundup were submitted by MalKontent and Ben.

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