All the Games We Played at Gen Con Day 1

Hey folks – Patrick here. Great news! The fine folks at Komedio are teaming up with us here at The Ace of Geeks to bring you all of the coverage you can stand from Gen Con, the biggest board game/tabletop/LARP convention in the country. We’ll have daily reports of all of the games they’ve played, with thoughts on which ones you should be getting this year, and videos from the show floor as well. Excited to hear about the future of games? Youve come to the right spot.

Custom Heroes


Summary: A Trick-Taking game where players get to modify their cards to help build the perfect sets of cards and mess with other players!

Stephen: I haven’t seen the use of plastic card elements like this since Gloom and I’m so glad to see more games using this mechanic! While the instructions have some fuzzy spots since it’s obviously translated, it’s a pretty simple game to learn. If you grew up playing Eights or Kings in high school at lunch, this game is like the powered up version of it.

Tirumari: This game was fast-paced, really easy to learn, and it really brought out our competitive sides! There’s a very simple learning curve, we all had mastered the mechanics in one round, and the permanence of the upgrades made sure that each round was progressively crazier. I especially loved how there was almost no way to confidently predict who would win, and so it felt really balanced overall.

Wonder Dave: I loved this game. It’s like a Uno with superpowers.  Really dig the card art and sci-fi/fantasy elements. Also you can screw over your friends in a light hearted way.

Kristee: It was a lot of fun and quick to pick up. The modifications added a nice element of surprise to each round. Got a little screwed over by my apparent friends but turned it around and won that round.

Marc: Easy to learn and reminiscent of traditional card games I’ve played before, but y’know, with sweet special abilities and dope art. Definitely the kind of game that’s best with a group, yet with a surprisingly fast and satisfying pace. Get ready to hate your friends.

The Secret Of


Summary: Winner of the 2017 Spiel des Jahres, this is a shorter demo game of a game that aims for a 30 min adventure with less puzzles compared to its full sized version.

Tirumari: I’d say this one was a really succinct and detailed homage to the escape rooms that nerds have been getting excited about these past few years. I used to help run one myself and have played a fair share around the Bay, and while parts felt familiar nothing felt stale. I would say that it felt like it was on the easier side, and so I’d recommend this game for folks who are new to the “escape room” genre, and feels like it would be a good family game.

Wonder Dave: A fun game. The time limit gave it an exciting frenetic energy. I haven’t played a lot of games in this style. The notion of cutting cards up was surprising. Good way to practice working together as a team.  

Kristee: This was a fun escape room game. My experience with escape rooms have been fun to frustrating, this had just the right amount of challenge and flow to it all. It was very enjoyable.

Marc: I’ve never played an Escape Room game before, so to say it was a whirlwind would be an understatement. HOWEVER, watching everyone operate the way they did gave me a new appreciation for gamer culture.

Stephen: I’ve played 2 from this series before, as well quite a few of its competitors, and I gotta say this company consistently makes the best ones out there. This demo is short and fun, and honestly the full game is only $15. Get it and play it with any number of friends and it’ll be better than going to the movies at a way shorter price.



Summary: A brand new Justice League licensed collectible card game.

Stephen: I am a total sucker for any licensed superhero games, and I’m always hoping a new superhero card game will be everything I’ve wanted. Let me feel like I’m playing my favorite heroes in epic adventures and battles. After playing this game, the search continues. It feels like Uno levels of simplicity mixed with a collectible card aspect that definitely feels like the most expensive decks are going to win every game. But I got my favorite superhero Alfred in a pack, so I guess that’s cool.

That’s all for now. Check back tomorrow for more Gen Con coverage!

Patrick Lowry

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