Gail Simone: “Superman Should Leave Theatre Seats Damn Near Unusable.”

We’ve posted several times on this here website about the problem with most modern takes on Superman. Michael made a great point about Superman’s heroism in his video, while Ben took down the lack of hope in current adaptations in this article. But we haven’t covered one aspect that I think is pretty darned important: Superman as a romantic hero. While Supes might be known for being a product of an earlier time, comic book writer Gail Simone put out a damned fine thread on Twitter yesterday with a very salient point: Superman is sexy.





It’s worth it to read the whole thread, where Gail points out two things we’ve already known: 1) She’s got a fantastic mind for what makes comic book characters tick, 2) Staying true to the roots of a character is the way to go in a comic book adaptation. The reason that Marvel has been kicking ass in the movie world and DC has been mostly flailing about is because Marvel understands their IP and how to tell a story that stays true to the core of their characters. A talented filmmaker who understands Superman would write a romantic story for him, but instead we keep getting a Superman that broods, because writers think that’s what we want.

Give us our Superman, and while we’re at it, give us our Lois Lane, the whip-smart firecracker who is an equal to her God of a husband in every way that counts. There’s a reason Lois and Clark still stir the imagination – and as Gail pointed out, the loins – after all these years. The combination of the woman who sees the world for what it is but still hopes for a better one, and the boy scout who sees the world through Kansas farm glasses and just wants to help is sexy as all hell. Give us that, Warner Bros. We will give you our money to see it.

Patrick Lowry

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