Friday at Comic-Con 2017

Crowds were thicker on the second day of official programming at Comic-Con 2017.

Outside Comic-Con,  the Westworld experience has been generating good buzz. Similarily the Blade Runner off-site event has been said to let you sample whiskey and noodles at the end and to have some really cool elements built inside teasing the upcoming movie “Bladerunner 2049”.

Some big news for fans of the show Archer on Fxx. Season nine of the now Emmy winning show will take place in The 1940s in the South Pacific. Changes from Archer Dreamland, Pam (Amber Nash) will once again gender identify as a woman, and Mallory Archer (Jessica Walter) will return as Stearling Archer’s mother. Attendees of the panel were treated with an augmented reality Archer Dreamland shirt that becomes animated with 5 different clips.

Bobs Burgers announced an hour long Christmas special coming this year as well as a second collection of music from the show from the two most recent seasons. Early this year a call was made for fan submissions of unique re-stylings of the character and world of Bob’s Burgers and this coming season we will see a brand new episode that brings some of these submissions into fruition. Clips and unfinished animations were screened at the panel – the episode will switch between styles from scene to scene.

This is only a small part of the Entertainment news breaking in San Diego! What is your favorite news from Comic-Con 2017? Mention it in the comments below!



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