The Flash Movie Gets Dope Director

I’m sorry, I know, I’m the 4,952nd person on the internet to make that pun.

But huzzah, good news from out of the DC Universe! After original director Seth Grahame-Smith departed the feature film version of The Flash (a.k.a. That Weird Guy From That Kinda Dream Sequence in Batman v Superman, a.k.a. A Good Way to Confuse Casual Fans Who Love the Show), there was a lot of worry in the air about the direction of this film and how it might go down in the already depressing DC Cinematic Universe. But Warner Bros has reached out and found themselves a really, really great candidate to take the reigns. Rick Famuyima.

“Who?” you say, until I say “The guy who directed Dope,” at which point you either say, “Oh, that’s great news!” or “I should go watch Dope on Netflix immediately, because I need to educate myself.” Either way, feel excited about this news, which was confirmed by Deadline today. The Flash script is still a draft that was written by Grahame-Smith based on a previous draft by Phil Miller and Chris Lord, the guys behind 21 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie, and the upcoming Han Solo film for Disney.

All this means we can be cautiously optimistic! Famuyima directed a fantastic, nerdy yet hip film in Dope. That doesn’t mean he can tackle a giant budget feature film, especially with a lot of studio interference and a world design by Zack Snyder. But we’ll see! Maybe between this and James Wan’s Aquaman we’ll get two bright, fun superhero movies out of DC.

In the meantime, I’m gonna go watch Dope again.

Mike Fatum
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