First Trailer for Logan is Wolverine Meets Mad Max

The best Wolverine stories have always had very little to do with the rest of the X-men. They’ve featured Logan alone, as a solitary knight or samurai, trying to do his best in a world that’s gone utterly, utterly wrong. It’s what makes stories like his original miniseries, Brotherhood by Greg Rucka, or Old Man Logan by Mark Millar so compelling. Give Wolverine the chance to be a reluctant hero, protecting or avenging just a single person, and the character will shine.

That’s what X-men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine were missing, and that’s what Logan seems to be about to get very, very right.

We’ve got all the classic Wolverine tropes here: reluctant hero? Check. Father figure? Check. Fighting while on his last legs, barely able to stand against an overwhelming threat? Check, check check. Hell, we barely see his claws in this trailer and I would still be able to tell you this was a Wolverine movie. If this is done right, it might be the best X-men film ever made. Logan deserves to have a good story told before Hugh Jackman retires from the character for good, and this looks like it will be it. As a long time fan of the character, I couldn’t be more excited.

Mike Fatum
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