First Teaser for Krypton Looks Sufficiently YA

Yep, we’ve got incredibly attractive leads, jump suits straight out of the Hunger Games, old men with mysterious messages, and Superman’s family’s blood being made out to have some sort of mystical power (or at least unlocking the Fortress of Solitude.) It’s time for Krypton, everybody. Check out the first trailer, which was shown today at NBC’s Upfront Presentation.

And yes, is IS from “the writer of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel,” which doesn’t necessarily fill one with a ton of hope. (The Dark Knight is amazing, but that may be more Jonathan Nolan’s doing than David Goyer.) This looks interesting enough, although I’m not sure who it’s really for. I doubt there’s a ton of interest in The Young Jor El Chronicles, and no matter what happens in the show, well, everybody dies when the planet explodes. Still, there’s enough interesting weirdness in here that we’ll be checking out Krypton when it premieres later this year on Syfy.


Patrick Lowry

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