First Teaser For Fox’s X-men Show, Legion

If you ask most fans of the X-Books in the mid 80s to name the five most influential supporting cast members were the list would likely have on it, Lila Cheney, Moira Mac Taggart, Emma Frost, and Legion. Legion, aka David Haller, was first introduced in New Mutants Vol. 1 #25, and from the beginning he challenged some of our basic notions of that corner of the 616. David quickly became one of the most problematic characters from Marvel to date.
Going forward please be aware of the following Content Notices: Casual Ableism, Terrorism, Religious Hatred, Questionable Sexual Consent. Trust me there’s good coming after the context building bad stuff.

Arriving on Muir Island the New Mutants find the son of the Israeli ambassador, a psychic powerful enough to threaten the entire facility while in a coma. Assisting Professor Xavier they learn that David’s powers are each controlled by a different personality inside him, that these personalities were once actual people with the PLO who were trying to take him hostage, and that David was able to absorb all their minds because he inherited his telepathy from his father Charles Xavier and one of Xavier’s patients.
*whew* There’s an awful lot of baggage to unpack with him. But I needed to tell you all of that so you can see why this has me so excited
Yes we still have the trope of a powerful psychic becoming mentally ill, but this time we get to see it through the frame of his being under care instead of hidden away of the Scottish coast. I’m not trying to throw Chris Claremont under the bus here. 30 years ago comic book writers didn’t really have best practices for these subjects, but in 2017 there would be no excuse.
Today we found out how the people inside his head manifest and effect the outside world.

This looks exciting, because it suggests his mental community have a relationship that’s not entirely adversarial. Chris Claremont has in the past suggested something more along these lines if he ever got a chance to write for David again. With any luck this will remove the memory of Mutant X.

Legion is scheduled for an October 2017 Premiere on FX.

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