Final Batman V Superman Trailer is Surprisingly Not Bad

Batman v Superman has had a really hard road in convincing fans to come and see it. There was an initial rush of hate at the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman (including some death threats, which, come on, guys.) Then there’s the fact that it’s a direct sequel to a film that’s been pretty heavily derided by just about everyone, Man of Steel. Plus the film seems like it’s going to be crammed with too many things, introducing Wonder Woman and kicking off DC’s attempt at creating a Marvel-style connected universe in their movies. And then there was the last trailer, which was pretty terribly edited and gave away the entire film.

So it’s a wonderful surprise that someone got their head on straight and made a decent trailer for Batman v Superman. Check it out here:


We finally get to hear Wonder Woman talk, the music choice is great, the dialogue isn’t awkward or drawn out for a trailer, Alfred and Bruce’s relationship is awesome – this is basically what DC should have been doing all along. Hell, this trailer even hides the final boss of the movie, as opposed to giving it all away. Imagine how much more hyped we’d all be for this thing if this is what Warner Bros had given us from the beginning. This looks great!

Combine this with the really cool looking Wonder Woman footage from a month ago, and suddenly hope in DC’s cinematic universe blooms anew. Personally, I still am really wary of Batman v Superman after the utter debacle that was Man of Steel, but maybe Zack Snyder and company will have turned it around. We’ll find out when Batman v Superman releases on March 25th.

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