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Fall TV Preview: November

Reality series and comedies seem to be the theme for the late fall premieres. From cooking competition-style shows to nature series, there’s a lot to watch. Personally, I don’t do reality shows – I have enough drama in my life. I do like the occasional science or nature documentary, and I do like sitcoms and action adventure shows. So without further ado, here are some of the fall premieres that I’ll be checking out in November:


(UPDATE: Since this article was published, this series was pushed back to February.) Angel from Hell is a new comedy premiering on CBS November 5th. Starring Maggie Lawson and Jane Lynch, we get to see some of the things that can go weirdly wrong and surprisingly right when you aren’t careful what you wish for. Allison is a driven dermatologist who has a seemingly perfect life, until Amy drops into it. Dismissing Amy as just a crazy nut at first, Allison soon realizes that Amy knows too much about her for things to be that simple. Amy reveals herself to be Allison’s guardian angel. But Amy tells Allison she can’t tell anyone about her. Allison finds her life becoming… complicated, thanks to Amy. She also finds that she has a friend in a high place. This looks like a funny, feel-good sitcom that I’ll be watching for sure!

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From the writers and producers of Shanghai Noon, Smallville, and Pulp Fiction comes Into the Badlands, premiering on AMC November 15th. Loosely based on the Chinese tale Journey to the West, this six-episode series will follow a warrior and a boy on their journey through lands controlled by a feudal lord. With Daniel Wu (Tai Chi Zero) and Stephen Fung’s cinematography and choreography, I have high hopes for some beautiful scenery and awesome fight choreography.

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Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix November 20th. I’ve been waiting for this one. Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones, a retired superhero who is now a private investigator. Her attempt to withdraw from the superhero gig isn’t going the way she planned though – suffering from PTSD and haunted by her past with the Purple Man, she tries to live a normal life and do her job. But her job keeps drawing her back into the life she tried to leave behind. Can she accept it, and how will she deal with it? David Tennant (Dr. Who) is cast as the Purple Man.

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