Blade Runner 2049

Everything We Saw in Today’s Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

Today, May 8th, Warner Brothers released the first full length trailer for Blade Runner 2049. Coming in at 2:21 in total length, the bulk of the trailer is narrowed down to 2:14 after a short “teaser” at the start. It can be safely said that the 2:14 was used to maximize a majority of the big names who have been cast. With the classical score getting a modern fine tuning during the duration helps complete immersing the viewer into the Blade Runner universe.  We here at Ace of Geeks will do our best to break it down and point out observations and possible theories. We warn you there is a lot of tidbits mixed in so lets begin!

:16 – Sylvie Hoeks character (yet to be named) seems to be channeling Sean Youngs Rachel in a retro white dress while walking next to Ryan Goslings Officer K. This very short glimpse seems to be taking place in a building very similar to Dr. Eldon Tyrells place of residence from Blade Runner (1982).

:18 – We see the first portrayal of Jared Letos character (yet to be named). He appears to be an Augmented human or full replicant. The voice over leads us to question if this could be Dr. Eldon Tyrell himself in a new body.

:29 – It appears to be Ana de Armas character Joi being born and brought into the world at the hands of Letos mystery character.

:35 – We hear Robin Wrights character, in a very convincing authority role, a possible replacement for Wyatt from the first movie. We can assume she is channeling her inner Mrs. Underwood from House of Cards as the character talks of societal rules.

:39 – Gun Cameo, LAPD 2019 Blaster.

1:20 – Harrison Fords Rick Deckard is sharing a conversation with Goslings Officer K, The trailer is continuing the Blade Runners legacy of questioning Rick Deckards origin, is he a replicant or human?

1:30 – We finally get to see Mackenize Davis show her character (yet to be named). Carla Juri’s character (yet to be named) can also be seen behind her.

1:45 – Dave Bautista with glasses.

2:00 – Here is where the trailer gets interesting. A conversation between Joi and Officer K leads the viewer to also speculate if Officer K has a shelf life as a possible replicant. Repeating the past?

Overall the trailer has enough hidden in it for multiple viewings. There are definitly more questions presented than answers with the mystery behind who is Jared Letos character being the big one. It does appear that my first initial guess is WAY off.

The movie is scheduled for a October 6th 2017 release.

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