Everything We Saw in the Solo Trailer

Last night, the Solo trailer…trailer shocked the world and announced that we’d get a full on teaser this morning. And during Good Morning America (the number one place to release trailers, for some reason), we did. It looks nothing like we expected, but that might be great. It’s brimming with style. Check it out here:

Now let’s break it down, shall we?


After an Ocean’s Eleven style opening, we get our first real look at Alden Ehrenreich as Han, and Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra. (Gotta love Star Wars name spellings.) The trailer’s voice over heavily implies that this is the past, so Qi’ra could be an old flame of Han’s. Or this could be editing playing tricks on us. Either way, they look like this is more of a joy ride than life or death.



Our first shot of the Falcon, looking absolutely pristine and new.

No, no wait, sorry. That’s a Tide ad.


Also, if you’re looking at all of this and thinking, “Man, I am getting serious Blade Runner 2049 flashbacks,” you’re not alone. Solo was shot by Bradford Young, who shot Arrival and 2049.  His stuff looks amazing. Moving on!


“I’m putting together a crew.” With those words, Tobias Beckett recruits Han out of whatever boring, Chewie-less, Falcon-less life he’s living and into the wonderful world of being in debt to Jabba the Hutt. Harrleson has refuted that he plays a mentor role in this movie, so I’m betting he’s more of a villain of the piece, at least by the end.


And speaking of, here’s our crew. Qi’ra looking regal as hell, Donald Glover stealing the entire trailer in one grin as Lando, and two new characters we haven’t met before. The alien in the turret looks a little like Maz Kanata, but I don’t think it is. And that final shot of Han in silhouette is just badass.


Chewie! Lookin’ good, man! And Han’s already fluent in Wookie (I know, I know, it’s Shyriiwook), which means they’ve either already been friends for a bit, or he’ll just know the language because he needs to and we won’t talk about it and it’ll be debated hotly on Star Wars forums for years and dear god what it happening I’m sorry I’ll stop.


LANDO AND HIS ROBOT IN THE COOOCKPIT! Honestly, of all the shots in the trailer, this makes me want to know more the most. Who is the kickass KOTOR looking co-pilot? How are they so cool? Tell me your secrets, Lando!


Probably not Canto Bight. Probably. But if this is a heist movie (god, I hope this is a heist movie), this is where the big con will go down.


Action sequence time! Han gets into an old west showdown with a guy with an axe. (On the same desert planet where he gets recruited.) Lando shows that fashion and blasters CAN mix. And Cool Robot Guy almost gets blown up. Funny note – if you freeze frame that shot of the robot, the monitors are showing scenes from The Last Jedi.

That’s likely a funny easter egg for the trailer, guys. I doubt the robot can see the future. Put your buzzfeed articles down.


Who’s scruffy looking? I really like how Ehrenreich is not trying to do a straight up Harrison Ford imitation from what we’ve seen so far. It’ll make the movie better for him to be his own interpretation.


Han at the wheel of the Falcon at last, and he’s already trying spinning, that’s a good trick. This whole sequence, which we first saw in yesterday’s superbowl teaser, looks amazing. Although heaven knows what Han had to do to get Lando to let him fly the ship. We also get our first, brief look at the Falcon with it’s intact cargo container in the front.


And we close on the sequence that feels the most like it still has Miller and Lord’s fingerprints on it. Han being Han, everyone freaks out, giant tentacles, coming in May. Is this the Kessel Run? If so, it’s waaaay different than what we’d expected it would be.

So that’s our first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story! But that’s not all – check out these totally awesome character posters that were released today:

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Lando Calrissian – looking cooler than everyone within twelve parsecs.

What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments.


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