Edge cast as The Flash’s Atom-Smasher!


Exclusively reported by ComicBook.com, The Flash will be facing one of his most powerful enemies yet in Atom-Smasher — played by Adam Copeland, better known to wrestling fans as Edge! Hit the jump for all the details!

Copeland, an 11-time WWE Champion, is one of the best-known wrestlers in recent WWE history and currently appears in a recurring role on Syfy’s Haven as policeman Dwight Hendrickson.

Al Rothstein, aka Atom-Smasher, is one of the ‘legacy’ characters developed as descendants and relatives of the Golden Age heroes of DC’s Justice Society of America, possessing size-changing abilities as well as super-strength.

Atom-Smasher, also known in the comics as Nuklon, was a founding member of the JSA-descended Infinity, Inc., and is the godson of Al Pratt, the unpowered tough-guy known as the original Atom. As the grandson of the super villain Cyclotron, Atom-Smasher has always oscillated between hero and anti-hero, with anger issues and a sour temperament but a good heart — though became thoroughly unhinged and reckless in a comic book storyline involving the death of his mother.

The potential for a deep and interesting but still very threatening character is there, with the troubled Atom-Smasher well set up for a turn at destroying or a turn to crusading; we’ll see what comes of his appearance — and what other Justice Society-related characters may come to The Flash in his wake, now that we also know Jay Garrick will be making an appearance.

Now if we can just get Copeland’s tag-team partner Jason “Christian” Reso cast as the Jack Knight Starman…well, we’ll just be over in the corner, fantasy-booking the DC Universe.

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