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E3 Coverage: Nintendo Livestream – First Hour (Pokemon, Zelda)

Nintendo’s not doing a press conference this year, but an official Treehouse livestream, where they’ll be announcing news about a range of games including the new Zelda title for Wii U and NX, and Pokemon Go. Since it’s going to be going all day, we’re going to be breaking our coverage into segments.

Nintendo began with a tribute to the victims of the two shootings in Orlando. Reggie Fils Ame asked for a moment of silence, and the stream went completely black. Great thing to do.

Reggie says their entire booth space this year is dedicated to Zelda. That’s…kind of crazy.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

During the livestream this morning, Nintendo announced the name of their new, open world Wii U/NX Legend of Zelda Game: Breath of the Wild. The new game debuted with a brand new trailer at E3, including the first voice acting I’ve ever heard in a Zelda game. There were beautiful landscapes, giant creatures, and tons of new feautres. Link was shown hunting and cooking his food, sailing over the trees, taming a horse, battling with a variety of weapons including spears and exploding arrows, in an awesome acrobatic fighting system. And of course, the trailer ended with a giant glowing boss monster, and a beautiful shot of the master sword sitting in the sun.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Today, we’re getting our first live gameplay demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon. We got our first look at the starters in action, and they are adorable. We also got the names for the two legendary Pokemon: Solgaleo is a fire lion, Lunala is a shadow ghost bat thing.

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The devs spoke for a bit about the games’ inspiration – the Sun and Moon are the sources of life in the Pokemon world, and the games’ Alola region is teeming with new and diverse life. It’s sort of a Galapagos Islands for the Pokemon world.


Characters will be shown in a new way in the game, more realistically proportioned. They’re are wearing a bracelet, which is apparently a later surprise.

Gameplay looks very much like a typical Pokemon game. You walk into the tall grass, get into fights, and capture Pokemon. There’ll be familiar Pokemon from the other games as well as new Pokemon from the Alola region. You can actually see your trailer in the battle, standing behind your Pokemon. When the trainer pulls out an item, like a Pokeball, it actually appears in his or her hand. The fights will have new dynamic lighting and new dynamic camera angles, making the typical Pokemon fight feel a little bit more epic. Your moves now have a detailed explanation of what they do on the fight screen, thank god. You can also see exactly how status effects hurt or helped your Pokemon on the touch screen. Once you’ve battled a Pokemon once, the next time you’ve battled them, the move list will tell you what moves are super effective and what moves are not.

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When you capture and register a Pokemon, you’ll see spaces next to them in the Pokedex for their evolutions and pairings, so you don’t have to guess.  The Pokedex this time is a robot that can transform and has arms and legs. It’s inhabited by a Rotom. It’ll guide you on the adventure and give you information on Pokemon you want to catch in the world. We met a new Pokemon named Yungoos, who was an angry otter.

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You get an indication if you’re about to walk into a trainer challenge, so they won’t come out of nowhere. The screen darkens on the top and bottom. Such a good idea.

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There’s a “really strong trainer” named Hala on the opening island, who gives you your first Pokemon, and battles you at the end of the festival. There’s also Professor Kukui, the hot shirtless professor who studies Pokemon attacks.


Also new this year is a four player mode called Battle Royal. Each player picks up to three Pokemon and battles them one at a time. The battle ends when one trainer loses all of their Pokemon, and the winner is decided based on how many Pokemon they have left and how many Pokemon they’ve defeated. You choose which of the three other Pokemon your attack affects.

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That’s it for our first hour, but stay tuned for more from Nintendo today!

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