E3 Coverage: Nintendo Livestream – Third Zelda Gameplay Demo

Our next demo is a showcase of what some of the shrines are going to look like inside and out. We start at the top of the Temple and set a waypoint to mark the next place we want to go – the Shrine of Oman Au! This particular shrine is one of 4 with special significance, but there are over 100 shrines in the game! To get to the shrine we use a piece of equipment that you technically won’t have at this stage of the game, but it’s fun nonetheless. Hop on your paraglider and cruise down to far away objects and shrines.

It’s important to note that “this game is about freedom and exploration” you can pretty much do anything you want. The way each player interacts with the world will be completely different than the way another player will interact with it

Your abilities will allow you to directly interact with almost every single object in the world, smash any box, move any object, the possibilities of gameplay are incredibly vast.

The game is absolutely beautiful you guys, the world you are exploring is a lovely pastoral area and each shrine really conveys that feeling of holiness and spirituality. With constellations glowing softly on the walls and everything lit with pale blue light, you get the feeling that each shrine is a special place all its own.

We go from the first shrine to the next, walking and wandering as we go. Guys there is a ton to explore in this game, it is incredibly easy to get lost and off track of your mission so setting a pin on your destination could be incredibly useful in the long run! The fact that there are a ton of shrines is designed to be evocative of the hundreds of religious shrines in Japan. Shrines are not the same things as the dungeons that Zelda fans will be so used to playing through, they are a separate experience altogether.

The world is open level, so if you want to interact with things far above your ability level, you absolutely can. It might end badly for you, but if that is how you want to play, that is an option for you. If you want to run into a giant Moblin camp with nothing but a sharp stick and see what happens, you can absolutely do that. Or you could sneak around, or you could use higher level weaponry. Again, the possibilities are endless.

When you get the Spherical bomb ability your options really open up, the ability never runs out, it merely needs time to recharge and you can set them off anytime you want to. The pale blue bombs can be thrown or dropped or flung, the options are endless.

One of the lovely details that really struck me in the game is that if you look up at night, in game you can find all the constellations that are displayed in the shrines spread out across the night sky.


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