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E3 Coverage: Nintendo Livestream – Second Zelda Gameplay Demo

We’re back, and Link is climbing the Temple of time towards the sun. The sunrise is beautiful, and the open world will have different times of day and different weather cycles. Storms will actually make the ground slippery. The areas, like grasslands and snowy mountains, have pretty natural transitions.

In this demo, we’re exploring, so we’re going to head to the highest peak in the plateau and climb it. Link uses a scope to find Mount Hylia, and set a waypoint for himself in the distance. You can also use the scope to highlight enemies, seeing how powerful they are in comparison to you.

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They bust out the paraglider, and glide from the temple to a grassy knoll. There are so many items to pick up in the world. The “got item” sound is playing every two seconds as Link runs towards the mountains. Thankfully, if you pick up the same item twice, you don’t get a text bubble explaining it the second time.

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The climbing mechanic seems like an answer to the Skyrim “jump up that mountain” problem. There really aren’t invisible walls to stop you from going certain ways, you can just climb up and over instead of taking the obvious path. Stamina is the only thing limiting how far you can go or climb. The traveling tools like the paraglider really open up new paths for you. Later in the demo, they showed Link’s radical side and showboarded down a mountain on his shield. This degrades your shield, but is totally awesome. You can shoot arrows and fight while shield-surfing.

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The other limitation is your own health. You can get cold from being in the water, without the proper clothing to protect you, and Link can actually die from the cold.

Link can definitely hunt animals as he goes for food.

He attacks a Moblin camp with a glowing blue bomb, which you have to plan the trajectory for. In the demo, she missed the Moblins entirely, but distracted the Moblins with the explosion so she could go and hit them from behind. In a later camp, we found out that Moblins actually post sentries and react differently depending on how surprised they are. Moblin camps are of different size and makeup, including a full size camp with wooden buildings and a tiny camp with just tents. Heavier weapons, like the Woodcutter Axe, can actually disarm enemy shields.

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Clearing a Moblin camp can grant you loot – the one we saw unlocked a treasure chest one all the Moblins are dead. She got a much better sword for doing it.

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There’s two different types of bombs, circular and square. Circular bombs will roll away, where square bombs will sit where you put them.

She made it to the peak, and the view at sunset was insanely gorgeous:

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The moon looks like it has the face from Majora’s Mask. Uh oh.

And of course, there’s a secret behind a waterfall – an excellent sword, and a spiked bow that you can use as a melee weapon. We also found out that your inventory has limits, which I totally understand even thought I’m not a fan.

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We ended with them using fire arrows to burn down a Moblin camp, and murder everyone inside.

Hang on just a moment, and Gwen will be back with more details!



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