E3 Coverage: Nintendo Livestream – Amiibo Showcase

Starting this next demo, is an overview of the Wolf Link Amiibo and how it interacts with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the WiiU.

In Breath of the Wild Link is largely exploring alone and he has no side characters to help him. If you feel lonely or need help, the player can call WolfLink and he will adventure with you. WolfLink will attack wild animals for you if you encounter them, and he will save the meat for you!

When you tap Wolf Link in, he will have the exact number of hearts he had when you left the universe of Twilight Princess. If he runs out of hearts, you only have to wait a day in real time (not in game time) for him to be available to be called again. If Wolf Link wanders too far, all you have to do is whistle and he will come right back to you.

Wolf Link will not be the only Amiibo available on the WiiU, there will be many more. There is an incredibly detailed Archer Link Amiibo with lots of detail on his bow and quiver. Rider Link is also beautiful, the horse he is riding is enormous and beautifully painted. The last one on display at the Nintendo booth is a Guardian Amiibo, one of the creatures we’ve encountered in Breath of the Wild. It’s really incredible guys, its the first Amiibo they’ve ever made that has poseable parts and it looks EXACTLY like it does in the game.

These Amiibo models are really impressive guys, they are 3D printed in a five step process and even after that there is a ton of work put into them! It takes 10 months to year from the first model, to product launch. The models shown today are demos and about as close to the finished product as possible.

You can find the Amiibos that are available already here.

More coverage will be coming soon, stay tuned!

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