E3 Coverage: EA Conference and Announcements

According to the EA Press conference pre-show, Kotaku has leaked images of the much anticipated Xbox Slim, which will not be talked about this week but more information regarding the console will be forthcoming. The Slim will be 40% smaller than the Xbox One, and will have a 2 terabyte hard drive.

Anticipation is high for the multitude of games set to be announced this week, among them Dishonor 2, the most recent installment in the Mass Effect series and more DLC for Fallout 4.

While the EA conference did start nearly 10 minutes later than scheduled, hosts seemed happy enough to discuss the upcoming games.

Andrew Wilson welcomes the crowd, both live and streaming to the Novo Center in Los Angeles. He promises a different kind of E3 show, far more interactive, playable and focused on fan feedback. Peter Moore and a crowd of hundreds in London linked to the conference via satellite in order to expand the numbers of attendees at the EA conference.

EA will be live streaming an hour of game-play of the new Battlefield game, just one short hour after this conference ends, so that fans may “experience play” because “we all play to live.”

Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment was then invited on the stage and introduced a few minutes of game-play in the upcoming Titanfall 2. The game play is more focused on pilot game-play that the fans love so much. Earlier this morning a single player version of Titanfall 2 was leaked, and Zampella was proud to show attendees the first few minutes of the single player story. I don’t know about you guys, but the term ‘Badass’ springs to mind when describing what we’ve seen of the single player so far. Very much looking forward to checking it out! Titanfall 2 will be released October 28th, 2016.


From Titanfall 2 footage, the coverage immediately launched into the footage from Madden NFL 17 Championship series. It promises new ways to build your league, and an entirely new commentary team. The game will feature 3 new ways to play the game, Challenger, Premier and EA Major. All 3 additions will be geared towards making gameplay fun and accessible for all skill levels.  The Championship series will be awarding the best players 1 million dollars in prizes.

We move on from London, to Los Angeles and Aaryn Flynn introduces one of the most anticipated games of E3, Mass Effect Andromeda. “We’re letting our imaginations run wild…More freedom than we’ve ever given players,” more on the game itself won’t be announced until fall but the preview looks absolutely spectacular. “We are going further than ever before, to Andromeda.” I can tell you right now that the preview is designed to make fans and newcomers alike breathless with excitement.

EA has added a ton of classic and older games to all of their platforms that are free to play this week, including an expansion to Star Wars Battlefront.

Back in London, a retrospective of all the FIFA titles, leading up to FIFA 17 was played. FIFA meant a lot to children growing up, getting to play with their heroes, and it looks like their new title is based around an upcoming football (European, not American) star and his journey to the top of his field. Fans will be playing as Alex Hunter, in FIFA 17 “The Journey.”

For the first time ever, 4 Premier managers will be part of gameplay in FIFA 17. At some of the name announcements, the crowds loyalties were made pretty obvious, booing some names and cheering for others. One of the managers, Jose Mourinho who is the current manager of Manchester United, came out onto the stage to discuss the game.

FIFA Producer Aaron McHardy was announced and began to talk about the actual dynamics of gameplay, and introduced a second trailer for FIFA 17, which was focused more on gameplay and the footballers available rather than the storyline.

Patrick Soderlund then began speaking about Unraveled, and EA’s commitment to working with small game developers and production of unique games. Soderlund announced EA Originals, where they will be funding a couple of promising new titles every year. The first EA Original’s game will be “Fe” a personal narrative about our relationship with nature. A game with no words, it is designed to remind the player that we are all connected through the natural world. Each creature and plant you encounter in the game, will have it’s own music that the player can learn to progress through the forest. ” A game full of discovery and conquest… in the forest your discoveries will be your own.” This game is right up my alley, it looks truly beautiful!


With stirrings of the iconic Star Wars theme music, Jade Raymond (General Manager) announced ” All new experiences that will span all corners of the Star wars universe for years to come.” Raymond stated that they are adding more of ‘what you want” – including a new Battlefront expansion, and a new story in the universe by Visceral Games and another game set in the past of the Star Wars universe. Looks like they are bringing back Knights of the Old Republic and people are going to be very excited! It looks like Knights of the Old Republic is being resurrected by Respawn Games (famous for creating Call of Duty, and Titanfall).


Battlefield 1 was the last game discussed and announced at the EA conference. They then showed a teaser trailer of Battlefield 1, and it looks promising especially if you like WWI era dogfights in the sky. Players will be doing a livestream of the gameplay of Battlefield 1 directly after the conference, two teams led by Jamie Foxx and Zach Efron. Players can have up to 64 partners on a team when playing Battlefield 1. Tactics will differ in game based on varying factors including weather patterns that will change almost every time you play a map. Battlefield insiders will get to experience these new changes later this summer when it goes into official Beta. The gameplay trailer for Battlefield 1 looks very promising, my only complaint is that I didn’t see any trench warfare and I would have preferred a song from WWI.

Some very exciting things coming out of EA in the next few years and we look forward to keeping you abreast of all developments!



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