The Doubleclicks’ “Wonder” Music Video Will Make Your World Brighter

We’ve talked a lot on this here website about The Doubleclicks, including how much the world needs them as a band. We even had them on our podcast in one of my favorite episodes.  Today, they’re going to continue making the world a better place and manage to tie in to the new Wonder Woman movie, by releasing a music video for their song about her, “Wonder.” “Wonder” is actually a few years old at this point, but Aubrey and Angela put out a call for this music video, asking fans all over the world to send them a video of themselves holding up a card describing their super power. The combination of so much self affirmation with the Doubleclicks singing their trademark relaxing sound – well, you try and make it through this with a dry eye:

Thank guys, you’re awesome. Please continue to be a shining light of support for so many.


Patrick Lowry

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