The Doubleclicks to Tour North America This Summer

The Doubleclicks, the wonderful geeky band who appeared on our podcast late last year, have announced that they’ll be embarking on a two month long tour from June 14th to August 14th this year, covering thirty cities in the US. Made up of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber, they’re a pop-folk duo who do songs ranging from heartbreaking tales of bullying to hilarious self confidence boosts for your favorite dinosaurs.

While the Webbers have been making music for five years, they really exploded onto the scene with “Nothing to Prove,” a song about the “fake geek girl” bullshit that rears its stupid, ugly head on the internet a lot. If you haven’t heard of the band, this is the one to check out:

During the concert, they will also be performing their 2015 album, President Snakes, which was on the Billboard Comedy Top Ten for two weeks. The album weaves a story of a President of the United States who is really a collection of snakes pretending to be a person.

Yes, you heard me.

Here’s the full list of dates for their tour. I really wish I was in Minneapolis (for maybe the first time in my life) so I could see them in concert and then hang out at Fantasy Flight Games. You can check out more info and get tickets at:

6/14 – Fort Collins, CO at Dungeons and Drafts with Danielle Ate the Sandwich
6/15 – Iowa City, IA at The High Ground Cafe
6/16 – Minneapolis, MN at Fantasy Flight Games Center
6/17 – Milwaukee, WI at 42 Ale House
6/18 – Madison, WI at Pegasus Games
6/19 – Chicago, IL at Wanderer’s Refuge
6/20 – St Louis, MO at House Concert! Email to RSVP!
6/21 – Louisville, KY at Oldham County Public Library
6/22 – Cincinnati, OH at Gateway Games & More
6/24 – Toronto, ON at Round Venue
6/25 – Boston, MA at Thunder Road (21+)
6/25 – Boston, MA at Comicazi
6/26 – Philadelphia, PA at Steel City Coffeehouse
6/27 – New York, NY at Babycastles with Sammus & Jonathan Mann
6/28 – Brooklyn, NY at The Way Station (21+)
6/29 – Vienna, VA at Jammin’ Java
6/30 – Norfolk, VA at Atlantis Comics and Games
7/1 – Hillsborough, NC at Mystery Brewing with Juliana Finch
7/2 – Atlanta, GA at Red Light Cafe with Juliana Finch
7/3 – Orlando, FL at The Geek Easy with Marc with a C
7/5 – New Orleans, LA at +1 Gaming
7/6 – Austin, TX at Dragon’s Lair
7/7 – Houston, TX at 8th Dimension Comics & Games
7/8 – Dallas, TX at Opening Bell Coffee
7/10 – Phoenix, AZ at Imperial Outpost Games
7/19 – Portland, OR at Doug Fir Lounge (21+) with Danielle Ate the Sandwich
7/24 – Tualatin, OR at Tualatin Public Library
7/29 – Seattle, WA at Wayward Coffeehouse
7/30 – Vancouver, BC at Storm Crow Alehouse
8/3-7 – Indianapolis, IN at Gen Con
8/12-14 – Denver, CO at Myths and Legends Con

You can find more info on the Doubleclicks at their official website. Please, don’t send them any ideas for songs.

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