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Double Dose of Trailers With Dark Tower and The Defenders

It’s trailer day, and that means it’s once again like Nerd Christmas, as we wrap ourselves up in anticipation of the movies and TV we’ll be throwing our money at in the months to come. Today, we’ve got two brand spanking new trailers for you, so let’s dive right in:

The Dark Tower, Steven King’s epic fantasy western, is finally making it to the big screen, after years of scrapped attempts. The trailer shows us that they’re going to differ from the books in some pretty significant ways, and that they’re likely to wrap several of the books into one film. That would fill us with despair, except, well, Idris Elba. He looks badass as all hell throwing his pistols around in this movie, and if anyone can match the nuance of the Gunslinger, it’s him.

I’m not sure how effective of a trailer this will be for a mass audience, though. The way it’s set up makes it look like it’s almost a children’s film, despite all the violence. Hopefully, the film is good and enough people turn up to justify making this the franchise it deserves.


And then there’s The Defenders. Netflix’s attempt at an Avengers-style team up of all of their excellent Marvel shows and also Iron Fist looks really good. The trailer is mostly fan service so far – Matt is Jessica’s lawyer! Danny and Luke become friends through punching! – and we get a little bit of an idea of the threat that they’ll all be facing together. I am so, so happy they got Sigourney Weaver for this. She’s always fantastic as a villain and she hardly ever gets the chance to play one.

So which are you most excited about? Dark Tower or The Defenders? Let us know in the comments.

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