Disney “Close to a Deal” to Buy 21st Century Fox

This was first reported a month ago, but at that time the talks had stalled. Now, according to CNBC, the deal is almost done, and Disney could be spending around $60 Billion to purchase Fox’s television and movie divisions. This would give them the majority stake in Hulu, their ownership of European satellite network Sky, channels like Nat Geo and Star, and Fox’s entire movie division. It would not include Fox’s sports channel or *shudder* Fox News. This is a massive, massive deal with massive implications, and is the sort of giant company merger that the government, specifically the Federal Trade Commision, might try and block.

Either way, what does it mean for you, the casual nerd? Well, assuming you’re not one of those people who shies away from massive media conglomerates controlling everything you see and hear, this is actually good news for nerd media. It puts the Avatar sequels under the control of Disney, and since they have a Avatar land at Disney World now, they have a vested interest to make sure those don’t suck. But, more importantly, yes, this means the X-men and Fantastic Four would return to Marvel Studios’ control.

Now is that good news? Well – possibly. Lord knows the Fantastic Four desperately need the Marvel Studios touch to become relevant and interesting after Fox’s attempts have ranged from mediocre to insultingly bad. But the X-men have been in a renaissance of interesting and experimental films right now, with R rated comedies like Deadpool, dramatic, well acted films like Logan, and the upcoming mutant horror movie version of New Mutants. Would Marvel Studios continue with these kinds of interesting choices, or would they put the X-men firmly into their well established (and very, very successful) formula?

We all want to see Wolverine meet Captain America. But if it’s at the cost of losing Deadpool, I’m personally torn. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Patrick Lowry

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