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Let’s talk about our new heroes. In particular, Rey and Finn. What do you think their heritage is? Who are their parents/other family members?  Do they need to have a family that has been already established in the Star Wars universe?



All clear now?  Cool.  There was a HUGE discussion from the staff this week, so I’ve posted main comments and then bullet-pointed the sub-comments so hopefully it’d be easier to read.
Here’s the debate from our staff:

Mary Anne My dream, before the movie came out, was thus:
In the current Star Wars comics, we know that Han was married before “A New Hope” to a black woman, and in my mind, she’s Lando’s sister. Which explains the “you’ve got a lot of nerve coming back here, after what you pulled” thing in “Empire”, leading to the theory that Finn (again this is before TFA came out) is Han’s son from his previous marriage.sana

  • Stephanie Upon seeing Finn in the trailers I immediately thought of Finn as Han and Sana’s son.
  • David Losey wait, what. Sana who is sana did i miss a new canon book? I feel like I missed something here
  • Mary Anne Comics.
  • David Losey Frack it is way too hard to keep up with all the different media forms.

Mary Anne I think whoever Rey’s mother is will be the big thing. One theory is of course Captain Phasma, because Star Wars loves their connections via accents. I almost wonder if Phasma is a double agent, due to her pretty much rolling over and letting Finn do his thing on the planetbase. She doesn’t give away anything, but if you listen to her dialog and think she’s a part of the rebellion, it makes sense.phasma

  • David Losey ooooh double agent phasma that is one I did not think about. But on the other hand she could be looking at the long game, rolled over to survive and get revenge kinda thing “those who run away live to fight another day” type thing
  • Mary Anne JJ said “shes the worst kind of bad guy”, which in JJspeak could mean anything. This coming from the same guy who said again and again that Cumberbatch WASN’T Khan.
  • David Losey That is a fair point.

Alexis I could see them overdoing the mysterious origin plot twist moment in future movies, like Oprah handing out cars. “You get a family! You get a family! Everyone gets a family!!!”

David Losey Im not sure lineage is required. Having Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is enough for me. i would like to see some new lineage injected into the universe. I personally think Luke knows who Rey, knows her past and her heritage. I mean look at his face when he see’s her, full of “Fuck, well I thought this would happen eventually, why did you leave your safe desert waste land and how did kylo renyou get that lightsaber.” As for Finn he is a world of possibilities when it comes to new canon. I would also like to point out that contrary to what some people have said about Kylo Ren getting his ass handed to him by 2 noobs is preposterous. The dude had a hole through him put there by a freaking bow caster. Thats kinda like getting hit with a .50 caliber round and still standing. That is a pretty bad ass thing. IF anything Finn was lucky to last as long as he did in a fight and Rey had the force so I would say it was a good fight at the end

Mal I am so tired of hearing the “Rey is really Jaina” theory

  • David Losey agreed I think she was the child of a jedi training at luke’s acadamy when Ren torched the place and those that survived were hidden by luke and had their memories wiped
  • Mary Anne The timeline wouldn’t be right. She’d be younger than she is now, going off of Kylo’s age.

Joe I have no evidence for this. My gut tells me Rey is a Kenobi.rey kenobi

  • Mal Luke’s astonishment might help sell that
  • Alexis It’s the accent, Joe. Her father had it. He had it. Now she has it too…
  • Mary Anne I disagree with the Kenobi thing, because we really believe ObiWan went and did exactly what Anakin was warned not to do? I don’t think that’s a thing. If anything, Max von Sydow is more likely her grandfather.

Mike I don’t think Finn has a connection to anybody – like Poe, he’s just one of the new heroes the force called to and joined the gang (:


  • Mal I like this. It gives agency to the living force
  • Katrina Totally agree.

Joe Luke’s reaction is the very thing that pushes me toward that, Mal! When she approaches him, he’s got a look that says, “Dammit, not another student” — nothing about his face says a reunion. Also, when Rey touches the light saber, we hear two actors’ Kenobi voices.
My theory admittedly suggests that Ben took his game to the Cantina much more often than we originally thought, Mary Anne.

  • Mary Anne Let’s also remember there are 43 minutes of footage cut out of the final film. Some that includes more Maz, and specifically her bringing the lightsaber back to Leia with some sage words of HOW SHE FUCKING GOT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.
  • David That whole voice thing could just be the force being the force. I mean it does seem to have own consciousness at times. and Mary Anne to your comment, that is what I WANT TO FUCKING KNOW, long story for another time my ass!
  • Mike We also hear Yoda in her Forceback. Not saying she’s not a Kenobi, but she hears the words of Luke’s teachers and people who interacted with the lightsaber, not necessarily her own family.
  • Joe I’m not discounting that she could be Yoda’s kid. I’m open minded.
  • David Joe dude you’re making my ribs hurt here
  • Mary Anne I wonder if she likes Rebel fishsticks.
  • Joe What? It’s possible. JUDGE HIM BY HIS SIZE, DO YOU???
  • David Lets remember that force visions are not always clear or direct. They are impressions of what could be.  Joe I judge nothing how could I judge Yoda he is such a Bad Ass. I’m just saying he died before rey was probably born
  • Joe Kenobi has the same age problem. I’m just suggesting a family connection.

Mary Anne Mostly, I feel robbed by the film of Leia holding the lightsaber. That’s all I wanted. The trailer gave it to me, the photos showed it, but alas, because I wanted it, it wasn’t in the film. Boo.

maz leia

Chris I think Rey is a Kenobi too, but for more “meta” reasons. JJ Abrams did the whole LOST thing. He’s not going to go for easily predicted fan theories. He’s going to fuck with our heads. Possibly even until it makes no sense. And he might “move the goalposts” mid game if he feels like too many people have figured it out. (Which is exactly what I think happened with Lost.)

  • Mary Anne OR. He won’t, because that’s more JJ than anything.
  • David This is starting to sound like a christopher nolan end of dark night rises or end of Inception mind fuck type thing where were wondering if what we saw was really what we saw or was the whole thing a dream. my brain now hurts

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satin 3Mike Kenobi DOES have a canon love interest. One who he specifically told he would have left she Jedi Order if she asked.

Alexis Rey’s likely going to be either a Skywalker or Solo. “The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power, too.” I just don’t think the movie gave enough info for us to make an educated guess about which one.
Also, it’s very possible Finn or Poe’s lineage could be unexpectedly connected. Which is perfectly in line with how former Star Wars movies operated, I mean, the Luke/Leia family reveal was a left field thing for a ton of fans.

  • Joe You’re probably right. I just don’t like the theory because it just seems weird for the Force to focus on one family like that. I thought it moved through everything.
  • David Could also have been refering to Ben Solo, remember luke is Ben’s uncle
  • Alexis  It does, but Star Wars, at least to me, reads less like a grand space opera and more like a generational family drama, like Shakespeare (the histories, Hamlet, Lear).
    The force moves through everything, yes, but also the prequels are still canon unfortunately, and I may be wrong about this being considered among that, but they threw in that metachlorian crap, which I suppose is passed genetically.
  • Katrina I agree. The “you have that power, too” voiceover seemed directed to someone who is more of a noob than Kylo, and the story doesn’t focus (at least yet) on him as a young force-user in training. I’m not sure which Rey is meant to be, though I lean towards Skywalker rather than Solo. I’m hoping it’s neither.
    I don’t know that the Force is focusing on one family so much as the story is– when you get right down to it, the onlly thing terribly special about Luke is that he’s Anakin’s son and one of the only people in the universe who still have the ability to use the Force. Maybe it’s easier to think about this as focusing on a dynasty (a la Dune) rather than the Force.
    Alexis, jinx.  Or whatever the kids say these days.
    This is also why I really love Rebels and the extended universe stuff too, actually. I like that there are other force sensitives focusing on the good fight independent of the Skywalkers.
  • Joe I get that the story has always been a family story about Skywalkers. However, the prequels showed us a world with MANY people strong in the Force. I’d like to see that concept reborn. Makes more sense that if the Force is real, a better proportion of the population should be strong with it. If not, it’s an awful waste of Force. (pats self on back for “Contact” reference)
  • Katrina That is one of the very few things I did like about the prequels, Joe.
  • Alexis There was an awful lot of religious genocide in the prequels, I’m not sure we’ll see the same numbers, but I like the idea of seeing more of the fringe of the Star Wars universe outside the Skywalker family soap opera.

Mark I’m on the “I don’t care whose kid Rey is as long as she’s not a Solo,” bandwagon. Where should I stand?rey bb8

  • Katrina I believe we are hanging out on top of the fence, Mark. There are cookies.
  • Mark Yaaaay, cookies!
    Wait. Doesn’t the Dark Side have cookies?
  • Katrina I believe when the universe was divided, the dark side ended up with slightly burnt brownies instead.
  • Raven *waves from out in left fireld* I can assure you – the Dark Side has cookies. And milk.

Raven I’m firmly in the “Rey is Ben Skywalker/Ren is Jacen Solo/Poe could be Jaina orAnakin (the third Solo child)” camp. Artistic license and all that… Names and genders changed to avoid having to pay for rights to written works, etc… But that’s what I see.

Ellie I am fully in the “She’s a Kenobi” camp and have a list of like 10 reasons why

Ben W Rey is the daughter of Yoda. By the standards of his species, she is incredibly hideous and deformed. It was hidden not out of some tactical or mysterious means; they were just that ashamed of raising someone… eyugh… TALL… and… bleh… with short ears…yoda

  • Stephanie Well that’s it guys, this theory wins.
  • Ben W She also once DJ’d at a club that Finn’s brother danced at for, like, a night. But it has no bearing on anything. It’s just one of those things.
  • Stephanie Just the right place at the right time. Total coincidence.

Nick I hope they are new families. Finn was taken. That means his family is possibly dead. I don’t want more familiar casualties. Plus, as was stated, diversify the universe. Especially for Finn. Don’t make the only black people in the galaxy all related!

  • David I whole heartedly agree sir
  • Mark Not gonna lie, though, I’d make weird happy noises if Billy Dee Williams showed up again.
  • David Lando should show up again, the guy could have the connections to get the resistance ships and material
  • Mark Most definitely. I just wanna see Lando.
  • Mary Anne Dude, that’s not what I was saying at all. I would much rather none of the ‘new kids’ have ties, but we know that’s not going to be the case. :/
  • David Mary Anne I totally agree, I would rather have new families.

As you guys can tell, the staff is pretty split.  I’m still hoping Finn is Sana/Han’s kid, and Rey is Kenobi’s granddaughter, but I would be equally as happy (if not even more so) if they didn’t have any ties to the legacy cast!
What do you guys think?  Leave a comment below!

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