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Welcome back to Digital Debate Wednesdays! Every Wednesday, the staff of The Ace of Geeks will get our keyboards ready for a good, old fashioned nerd argument, and you get to hang out with us! Feel free to email us any ideas you might have for future debates, or let us know in the comments! Until then, here’s this weeks topic:

You’re given full creative control over the next Star Wars anthology movie. (After Han Solo and Episode 9.) What film do you make?

Ellie Collins: Padme Amidala’s story and rise to rule.

Patrick Lowry: I would want to do Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven in the Star Wars universe. None of the major characters we already know from the films, maybe ONE Jedi, takes place during the Empire era, and they have to defend a planet from roving space pirates who are operating with imperial blessing.

Mark Foo: I’d do a raunchy college comedy set at the Republic Academy either before or after the Empire. It’ll be about a force-sensitive nerd being hazed by the fraternities/sororities and teaming up with the burnout death stick and spice kids.

  • Patrick Lowry: That sounds awesome.

Scott Woodbury: One word: Thrawn

  • Katrina Smith: Also here for this, though.
  • Jarys Maragopoulos: Yessssssss

Katrina Smith: A quiet art film about droid enslavement.

  • Patriek Lowry: Yeah, seriously, like, what’s up with that? Droids are such a weird thing in the Star Wars universe. They’re sentient, definitely, totally, except when they’re not – do some droids like 3P0 and R2 develop sentience and others don’t? Is it a quirk of programming? And how does the entire galaxy turn a blind eye to the fact that most of them own beings who at least have the potential to be sentient?
  • Katrina Smith: Right? It’s bothered me for a while, because droids have no personality– until they do. And then when they do everyone acts like they’re not droids anymore– that’s the only time anyone cares, at all, if they die. It particularly bothered me in one of the Rebels episodes this season, when they so casually kill tons of clone wars era droids– but always go out of their way to rescue Chopper. (Not that Chopper needs rescuing, he’s the one doing it most of the time.) I mean….
  • Mark Foo: What about the way they treat Chewie? They treat him like a pet!
  • Katrina Smith: Not really– he’s got independent thought. He and Han have a particular relationship but no one is calling him a good boy and telling him to come here, you know?

Lauren Harrington: I’d follow the race that created the clones for the clone war. Did they know the clones would be used for such a malignant empire? Maybe follow a clone who somehow finds out what he’s being groomed for, and the full gravity of it all.

Kyle Johannessen: Top Gun: A Star Wars Story.

Luke Farr: Anything to bring Cindel back to canon. I know it’s old news that I have a very strong soft spot for her, but I think Caravan of Courage is given an unnecessary bad rap and I think Cindel was a character deserving of canon.

  • Scott WoodburyI have a soft spot too. She needs recognition.

Tyler Dent Hayes: I want a heist movie a la Ocean’s Eleven, set between III and IV, with a group of thieves and smugglers working together to scam a vain Imperial planetary dictator out of a priceless piece of Jedi history that winds up being a huge morale boost to the nascent Rebellion.

  • Raven Knighte: This sounds like Talon Karrde and Mara Jade’s story!  I would LOVE to see that!

Malkontent Blizzard: A political movie showing the Senate during the rise of the Empire and Mon Mothma’s battle with Talon Karrde.

Sam Stafford: A noir film set in Coruscant five hundred years before the Empire. The protagonist is a private eye and/or bounty hunter who has to fly under the Jedi Council’s radar to get his job done. Also the protagonist is either a droid or a Watto.

  • Alexis George: I want.


  • Scott Woodbury: I miss that guy.
  • Jarys Maragopoulos: Yesssssssss. Just…..a Shoot ’em up style, one man army, ridiculous action movie that takes neither itself, nor Star Wars seriously, but not derisively.

R Steele Earl: Star Wars: the Jedi Lebowski.

Chris Brecheen: Depends. If Lucas is still alive, I would put something in the Old Republic. TONS of good stories there.

If not, I’d reboot those godawful prequels right.

Jarys Maragopoulos: I would like to see a Force User’s story that is neither Jedi nor Sith, or is of one group but apostate for straying too close to the middle line they both straddle. I would love to see this story explore, not swaths of moral grey and anti-heroes, but the morality of the force that is divorced from the orthodoxy of Light and Dark. Someone who learns to appreciate both, but isn’t just a hero who’s ends justify the means. A Grey jedi, you might say. But they could be originally of the Sith instead.

Scott Woodbury: I would love to see a whole movie on the creation and rise of IG-88.

Raven Knighte: Backstage with the Max Rebo band. I’m sure there’s lots of drama to explore there… or maybe an interview documentary series with various galactic bartenders called “NO BLASTERS!”

Teresa Loesch: Is there someone in canon who exclusively uses the Force to cheat at dice and do card tricks? I mean, I know some pretty famous cheated dice rolls. But just like. For profit.

And at the very end of the movie someone’s like “but what about Light and Dark?” And the MC is like “I am not equipped to be a spiritual leader, but I am equipped to never starve, laters”

As you may have gathered, I’m not that into Star Wars.

Raven Knighte: Not in canon, but in Star Wars Tales: Nomad (a comic book anthology series). A Dark Jedi named Lycan uses the Force to cheat at sabaac (if I remember correctly; it’s been a while…)

Sam StaffordThe Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, by Roald Dahl about a guy who finds out that through focused meditation he can read minds and see through objects, and uses it to cheat at gambling.

Stephanie Cala: DON’T HATE but I think I’d enjoy an Obi-Wan origin story. He has been raised by Jedi since infancy, which I think would have an interesting parallel to episode 7-9 with the new storm troopers being adopted at infancy as well. His backstory stuff was explored in a few YA novels and a bit in the animated series, but it’d be cool on screen.
Also, Catalyst. Rogue One was a hit and miss for me because Catalyst was really good in comparison. The life of Galen and Lyra Erso (and a bit of baby Jyn) just as the Empire is starting to make its way up. It would answer a lot of questions that Rogue One didn’t fully explain.

  • Mark Foo: I would also like a story of a young Yoda and his adventures prior to being in the Jedi Council.

Brian Rosado: Rogue Squadron all damn day.

But having recently read Lost Stars, an adaptation of that would be incredibly challenging and rewarding.

Alain Bloch: A street orphan arrives on the doorstep of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. He is rejected repeatedly. His midichlorian count is abysmally low, almost negligible, and he is filled with fear and anxiety. No doubt due to his time in the lower levels of Coruscant. However, he stays at the gates of the temple day in and day out proving to a certain Jedi Master that he has a unique discipline and steadfastness that makes him worthy. The master is named Kreia, and the boy who would become perhaps the most powerful Jedi and Sith ever is named Revan.

Korbl Klimecki: So, I’m not an extended universe person, I’ve seen the movies, a few series episodes, and read the complete droid book, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

That said, if someone gave me the next trilogy or whatever, I think I’d focus on the grey path and non-human protagonists. In high school I made, ostensibly to play in the rpg, a sort of “anti-Anakin,” who was a Jedi, fell in love and said “well screw you both” to the Jedi and Sith. He was also a nautilan. I’d want to work up a trilogy inspired by that character if not actually using him, and keep human characters in the background.

Granted, that means finding actors who are OK with full face prosthetics and such, but I think they’re more common than we’re led to believe.

Sam Hock: An in-universe sitcom.

  • Jarys Maragopoulos: “Will you give me the Keys to all government Executive power for the weekend, or not? The anticipation is Palpi-tating!
    I’m just playin’ witchoo!
    *force lightning and dark laughter*

    *laugh track* That’s Our Sheev! Will be right back!

  • Korbl Klimecki: R2 and BB8 buddy flick?

Alexis George: I’d love to see a civilian’s perspective on the war, from a huge urban city on an Empire controlled planet. Just because, you know, topical. But now I can’t get Sam’s noir idea out of my head.

Colin Carlisle: Darth Bane.  Or… a movie about the origins of the Mandalorians. Origin species et al.




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