It’s that time of year once again, for the obvious question:

What are you thankful for?

Scott Woodbury: I have to admit I am very grateful and thankful to be writing for Ace of Geeks. It’s opened my eyes and has let me improve my writing. I have gotten to know so many great people here. I look forward to contributing more.
You guys are the best, thank you.

  • Ellie Collins: Suck up. 😉

Ellie Collins: I’m very grateful for the loves of my life who have supported me through everything I’ve accomplished this year in all aspects.

Lauren Harrington: I’m thankful for family, both blood and not. I’m thankful for the love I’ve found, that I thought was entirely unlikely to happen for me. I’m thankful for friends who are understanding and who stick with me through my toughest times, and for whom I would not be alive today without. I’m thankful for the patience and kindness people have shown me still exists. I’m thankful for the things in my life that allowed me to go to college, and to finish it, despite the odds. Above all, I’m thankful for the strange people in my life, for keeping me sane and reminding me that I don’t have to be like anyone else.

Malkontent Blizzard: I’m thankful for the friendship of people smarter than me whose patient advice is helping me grow out of my past.
Always forward. Forward always.

Mark Foo: Thankful for being Canadian and having my Thanksgiving in October.

  • Malkontent Blizzard: Among other reasons.
  • Mark Foo: Among other reasons!

Korbl Klimecki: I guess I’m thankful for my friend helping me get a lasting job earlier this year, and another friend trying to help me get a second lasting job.

Jarys Maragopolous: I am thankful for my friends and loved ones and this great job of course….now that is out if the way….I am so thankful the new Star Wars writing is so vital and well done and I am glad Rogue One comes out soon, I really need it to keep me sane in this political climate.

I am grateful so many of you are willing to write for the Ace of Geeks on a volunteer basis, we would never have gotten this project where it is without any of you, thank you.

Raven Knighte: I’m thankful to have such great friends, and to be a part of the Ace of Geeks! I’m also thankful for family, and for having made it to the half-century mark in my life.

Rowan Hansen: I am thankful that the spirit-breakingly hard job I had last year has made my new job feel so easy by comparison. I am thankful that I have a steady income and can afford to take my girlfriend out to eat sometimes, as well as buy all the cool pretties even though I really shouldn’t be. I am thankful for my parents creating the situation in which I am able to that without having to worry about rent or utility bills (yet). I am thankful for having someone I have loved most of my life still thinking that I’m worth keeping almost five years after we started being together. I’m thankful for the friends that I’ve had, and the friends that I’ve made, and the time, laughter, and tears we’ve shared. I’m thankful for Undertale: RedSide, which has helped me survive opening the store on a regular basis. I’m thankful for Undertale, for being so much more than I could have predicted- it remains the only game I have ever playes that rendered me Lawful Good in personality by its end. I am thankful for a lot of stuff that is either centrally important or seemingly shallow, or both. Mostly I give thanks that I am alive, and even if it is in interesting times, I can live at the same time as all of you.

JC Brown: This was definitely not the “Year of JC,” so I am extra thankful for my friends and family for helping to get me through it, each in their own way (my friends who I live with bought new kittens! I’m thankful for adorable kittens!) I’m also very thankful I was given the opportunity to write for the Ace of Geeks – it’s not often you get a chance to jump in and try out your dreams, and I’ve been thankful to be given the opportunity to show myself and be a part of it.

Oh, and they opened an In N Out (the first in Oregon!) at the end of last year, so I’ve been Thankful for that (though my cholesterol probably isn’t…)

Tyler Dent Hayes:  I am thankful for my friends, both the long-established ones and the new ones I have made this year. In a year that has not so much kicked us when we’re down as spammed special attacks and then unleashed an early November Hyper Combo, the people I love and am learning to love have found ways to hold each other up and provide safe spaces and work to find a way through the onslaught. Even when I’m doing something that’s inherently a one-person affair, like writing, the positive feedback from my friends helps me feel connected and supported. If I did not know the excellent people I do, I’m not sure I’d be even half as sanguine as I am right now. So, thanks, awesome people, for continuing to be awesome.


Patrick Lowry

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