Destiny: Rise of Iron Revealed

Let’s get this part out of the way first:

The God Damn Gjallarhorn is back.

If you’re a Destiny player, you probably just fell out of your chair. For everyone else, let me explain. In Year One of Destiny, the Gjallarhorn was the heavy weapon. A rocket launcher, it fired one single rocket, which after exploding on its target, turned into ten other rockets. It was great, but it hasn’t been available to players since the game changed with the launch of The Taken King.

Now, Bungie is bringing it back, along with a whole new expansion: The Rise of Iron.

The Rise of Iron will take place on Earth, expanding the playable areas on an existing planet for the first time in Destiny history. It will let players into the Plaguelands, a new area in the Russian Cosmodrome, which will contain an entirely new enemy type.

Original Destiny baddies The Fallen have been digging into some forbidden tech, known as “Seeva,” and the players will have to band together to stop them. In addition to the new area, players will get a higher light level (the way progression is measured in Destiny), a new raid, new strike, a new social space, and new weapons and armor.

And unlike in the past, where the Gjallarhorn was only available via random drop, the much-loved rocket launcher will be the result of a quest line that anyone can access. Whether that means a story quest like the quest that grants you a sword in The Taken King, or a “hidden” quest like those that grant you some of Year 2 Destiny’s best weapons, remains to be seen. An alternate color scheme called the Iron Gjallarhorn will also be available as a preorder bonus, which means pretty much every one will have one.

The Rise of Iron costs $30, and will be available on September 20th. Check out the trailer:


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