Characters, Story get Spotlight in “Destiny 2” Trailer

Things do not look good on Earth. The Last City appears to have been destroyed, and two of the planet’s finest leaders have differing takes on how to inspire volunteer soldiers to action.

Bungie set the stage today for the story behind “Destiny 2,” the much anticipated sequel to the space-based first-person shoot-and-looter. In “Rally the Troops,” Zavala and Cadye-6 make their pitches for war. We see that the story will focus on an invasion of the Cabal, who under the leadership of Gary — er, GHAUL — is invading the Traveler’s chosen paradise and wreaking havoc. In its announcement, designers showed exactly what’s at stake in “Destiny’s” next chapter.

More about the game will be shown over the next few months of hype-ticipation. But already, Bungie is showing something that will could be much stronger in the sequel: Story.

Actually, they showed that two days ago with this reveal teaser of Cayde just trying to get a drink:

Compare that to one of the first trailers for the first game:

The differences are stark: The sequel trailer shows a lot less of the sure-to-be-immense world to explore, and a much more narrow picture of why players should care. Whether their motivation is to fight for their city or get their loot back, there is a stronger connection to why the grind behind “Destiny” is important.

Cayde-6 has actually been expanding “Destiny’s” lackluster story for years. Voiced by Nathan Fillion, Cayde-6 was a somber, morose hunter, burdened with sadness. But with 2015’s “The Taken King” expansion, Cayde blossomed into a lovable rogue, helpng Guardians in his own way. One of the treats to “The Dawning,” an expansion that featured reworked strikes from Year One, was the surprise addition of new dialogue with Cayde, Zavala and Ikora Rey.

Much has been written about how “Destiny’s” story was changed at the last minute, and what designers had to do to meet deadline. A lot could change between now and the game’s projected September release, but the game’s first two videos show that the characters will be much more fleshed out.

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