Defenders Initial Impressions

After slogging through Iron Fist I was deeply worried that there would be a hole the size of Danny Rand’s soul in the lineup. But thanks to the wonderful Doug Petrie taking lead writer we have four shining protagonists who bring their supporting cast along for a wild ride. Right from the outset we see that one major complaint about Iron Fist was listened to and we are through with the boring fights.

The first leg of the series spends a lot of time setting up the individuals to keep viewers from having to cram over 40 hours of previous video but it doesn’t do it by rehashing old stories. Instead, it shows them all moving toward each other.┬áLike any good comic crossover each individual title brings a piece of the whole. We have the character focus of Jessica Jones, the tight editing of Daredevil, the organic city of Luke Cage, and the dutch angle mystery of Iron Fist.

But don’t let this fool you into thinking that Marvel is resting on it’s laurels. Episode One shakes things up pretty well and the story just takes off from there letting the world clue us in to the dynamics. Between radio call in shows and police chatter we learn just as much as we do from principal dialogue.

And all of this is joined with the enigmatic and incomparable beauty of Sigourney Weaver playing an immortal mastermind who can even make Madame Gao take a step back. And added to that the complicated return of an old friend.

There’s much much more I’d love to tell you reader but I’m not in the habit of spoiling a story this long in the making. The Defenders is out on Netflix right now.

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