The Defenders Hate Each Other, and It’s Great

If there’s one thing that Marvel has consistently gotten right, it’s making you wait just the right amount of time for their big team ups. They make sure you get to love every character in a group equally (well, maybe not you, Iron Fist) before they’re stuck together on the big screen and become team mates and friends. And man, have they done that with The Defenders. It feels like I’ve been waiting for this series for decades.

Except, for a nice change of pace, the Defenders kind of hate each other.

This show looks fantastic – each of our four heroes is so broken, it makes perfect sense for them to not get along. The dynamic in this feels fantastic, especially Jessica as the snide, sarcastic one who won’t stop tearing her teammates down with little quips. Sigourney Weaver looks incredible as she tears into the scenery, and having Elektra back as a brainwashed killer is very welcome.

If I had one nitpick with this trailer, it’s that Luke doesn’t seem to get as many cool moments as the others, but hopefully that will be different when we get the entire first season on August 18th.

The first episode premiered at SDCC last night, and has been getting some great reactions. Are you excited for The Defenders? Let us know in the comments.


Patrick Lowry

One thought on “The Defenders Hate Each Other, and It’s Great

  1. What you’ve got is what the Defenders originally were.
    A neighborhood game of pick-up where you don’t like anyone on your team but you are forced (through circumstances) to work together.

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