DC’s Workplace Comedy, “Powerless” Does Not Look Promising

It’s TV Upfront season, which means it’s time for trailers for TV shows that are literally the entire pilot edited down to two minutes. Powerless, the newest DC Comics related TV show coming to NBC, does exactly the same thing. During the course of this trailer, you’ll see the setup, main conflict, resolution, and 90% of the jokes from the pilot episode. And what we see…doesn’t look like something you’ll want to rush out and watch.


UPDATE: Apparently this was a very high quality leak, not an official video. NBC has gone on a take down spree. We’re working on finding a new version to show you.

The idea of an insurance adjuster in a superhero world is a really funny one. The cast that’s involved, including Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Micucci, Dani Pudi, and Alan Tudyk, are all talented people. But every joke and character moment we see in this trailer falls pretty flat, feeling like a show that was written for TGIF in the 90s, not a modern TV landscape that’s included sitcoms like Community and Modern Family. Hudgens’ character in particular seems really one note, and not at all engaging enough to carry an entire show on her back.

Meanwhile, the show looks like it’ll constantly be referencing the big DC superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but will likely never have the ability to show those heroes, limiting itself to d-listers like the Crimson Fox. That’s another damn shame, because for a comedy about deconstructing superheroes that actually showed twisted versions of our favorites would be really interesting. Instead, we’re treated to one off jokes like Christina Kirk’s character wanting to “nail Aquaman so hard.”

I get the feeling that, if this show takes off, it’s going to be another Big Bang Theory. Which is just kind of depressing, considering how much DC usually gets right when it comes to their television worlds.

Mike Fatum
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