Costume Designer Michele Clapton to Leave Game of Thrones



The end of an era (literally)! Michele Clapton is leaving Game of Thrones!

Clapton is the costume designer for the series who has been instrumental in creating the look of the show through costuming. After five seasons with the show, she’s decided th
at it is time to move on. She cited that she has essentially created a solid enough look for them to go off on their own from here on without her. That makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider that there is no way to mess up any character’s look. You take the exact same pattern they’ve been using for seasons now, and just make it with some new fabric in a similar palette and TA-DA!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Michele Clapton. Her Emmys are well deserved. Her designs are gorgeous. She has created spectacular silhouettes for the characters. She also managers to tell amazing stories through simple use of color (ex. Sansa’s transition to black dresses and Daenerys’ transition to white/grey dresses). However, The idea of getting a fresh face is extremely exciting.

My consistent issue with the GoT costuming is that every character has “their dress” and that’s almost exclusively what they wear. It’s part of why it was so easy for Simplicity to carry a pattern line of all GoT dresses. There is a “Cersei” pattern, and if you look carefully at the seams of all of her dresses (you know, if you’re a colossal costuming nerd like me), you’ll see its the same seams, same patterns, the only change is the fabric and slight neckline variations between the off the shoulder or not. It has it’s merits in giving us a specific look for the character, but especially for characters living in somewhere like King’s Landing, one would imagine they would have a way more experimental fashion sense.

So it’s exciting that a new designer is coming in. I’m sure we will see consistently in style and color to what Clapton has established. However, I can’t wait for the fresh designs, silhouettes, and maybe even horrible designs that are coming our way. I love Clapton’s work for the show, but I’m burnt out and I want something new, good or bad. So as they move towards production for season 6, I am thrilled to see what costumes the new designer comes up with to put their signature on such an artistically dynamic show.

Ellie Collins
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