OverWednesdays: Competitive Season 10 has Arrived

Competitive Season 10

Overwatch’s latest competitive season started two days ago, and we’re back in the swing of things. Often colloquially shortened to “comp” this game mode is where you put your Overwatch skills to the test. Comp games are serious business. For some, that’s why they mostly play quick play and arcade. For those of us grinding out those comp points and SR gains, here are some things to consider.


What’s New?

The latest hero, Brigitte Lindholm makes the scene with her competitive debut. By now we’ve all had a chance to play with and against Brigitte so we know what to expect. Even so, here are some tips on dealing with her.

  1.  Brigitte excels at 1v1 fights. Do not engage her alone unless you are playing a direct counter. If you do end up fighting her alone, try to maintain distance for better survivability.
  2.  Speaking of, anyone with decent range can help with Brigitte, but your best bets are still Pharah and Junkrat. Pharah has multiple advantages over Brigitte which means we’ll likely be seeing a lot of her. If your team is using Brigitte, expect the enemy team to try to counter. It’s a good idea to bring at least one hitscan to deal with enemy Pharahs.
  3.  Despite her kit being anti-dive, Brigitte works well with many dive oriented heroes. If you’re playing Brigitte, make sure to armor up your friendly Tracers, Genjis, Winstons, D.Vas, etc right before they jump in. This can turn the tide for fights that would’ve melted your team in normal circumstances. Stay alert and armor up.
  4.  Lucio and Brigitte work well together as the two support slots. Lucio gives Brigitte mobility and Brigitte helps out with those AoE heals. Other healers work alright too, this just deserved special mention.

In addition to a new hero,  a new map is coming to competitive mode as well. The map pool expands with a payload version of Rialto from the Retribution event. If you didn’t play Retribution, you’ll have to get accustomed to this map during the season. Leading the payload through the canals of Venice sounds like great fun to me. The map is slated for release May 3rd.


Finally, there are some hero reworks which will likely take effect this season. A number of buffs and nerfs are available for your perusal on the PTR. With them, the Hanzo rework will finaly arrive. After that, Symmetra shouldn’t be too far behind.

Other Things to Remember

Apart from these aforementioned changes, the competitive experience should be familiar for you as a seasoned player. Still, try to keep these things in mind as you play this season:

  • Be in team chat. Talk in team chat. I say this one all the time, but it’s important. More communication during the game helps the team.
  • Don’t get tilted. Meaning, try to keep a level head. I know sometimes things are less than ideal, or maybe you’re being harassed over the headset. Mute them if you have to. Just try to be the calm rational one and the team will appreciate it.
  • Your placement matches rank you via personal performance, not based on wins and losses. Don’t sweat the placements so much if you lose a bunch. I lost 6 matches and still got placed in Platinum.
  • Have fun and good luck on your games!



Justin Rhodes

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