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2017 is swiftly coming to an end, and that means it’s time for The Ace of Geeks staff to gather around the giant wooden table in our non-existent office and debate, discuss, and settle on our top picks for media this year. As always, these winners are decided by the entire Ace of Geeks staff, through a point voting system. Everyone submits their top five, and their top choice gets five points, their second choice gets four, and so on down the line. There are five catecories this year: Podcast of the Year, TV Show of the Year, Movie of the Year, Comic of the Year, and Video Game of the Year. Each day this week, we’ll unveil a new set of winners! Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments.


Comic of the Year

Comic books. You see their heroes on the big screen once every two months, nowadays, but how often do you crack open a good set of funny pages? If you’re Tyler Dent Hayes, you do it every week in our feature The Pull List, where he recommends the best comics of the week for your perusing pleasure. And as our Chief Comic Guy, it fell to Tyler to explain why the top choices for Comic of the Year made such good sense. Here he is:


Saga, Spirits of Vengeance




Paper Girls. This series was pitched to me in 2016 as “Stranger Things with an all-female cast,” and it is that and more, embarking in a weird, deep sci-fantasy plot that I can see is far-reaching but have gleefully not reached the edges of. It has some of Brian K. Vaughan’s signature struggles with female characterization peeking out here and there, but overall it’s a satisfyingly weird little retro fantasy-mystery.

justice league


IN SECOND PLACE: Justice League of America

Justice League of America is a postmodern perfection of the superhero team-book formula. You have high-minded ideas about justice and virtue and the role of superhumans in society; you have team friction; you have villains struggling to be better; and you have all the bizarre fantasy-kitchen-sink stuff a comic book universe should throw at you, from sentient fairy tales to extraterrestrial fascists to space-dolphins to dinosaurs. Orlando and company consistently deliver the goods every month, and superhero fans owe it to themselves to give them a chance.


COMIC OF THE YEAR: The Mighty Thor

The Mighty Thor feels like all the good parts of Thor: Ragnarok in long form. Aaron’s narration has mythological weight and flow, reading like a self-conscious Prose Edda; the story manages to mix cosmic weirdness, Asgardian bombast, and wry humor; the art has been consistently breathtaking; and the character of Jane Foster is everything superheroes should be: kind, just, flawed, and fun.

Stay tuned for more awards tomorrow!

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