Cloak and Dagger Trailer Feels Just Right

Honestly, we weren’t sure about Cloak and Dagger on Freeform, the new teen-centric channel that rose from the ashes of ABC Family. But after this trailer, we’re a lot more sure. This show looks like it’s hitting all the right notes in exactly the right way, telling the darker story of Tyrone and Tandi but updating it for a modern world. It’s pretty exciting.


The trailer hides that the show is anything superheroic for most of its runtime, and I imagine that’ll be the way the pilot works as well. But honestly, that’s not a bad thing that the producers thought the strength of their characters and storyline would be enough to hold up the show. And it looks like it might be. We’ll see more of Cloak and Dagger when it premieres next year.

Patrick Lowry

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