Civil War – Whose Side Are You On?

After the Civil War trailer rocked our socks last night, one of the first topics of debate that came up was who was right. Now, we’ve got limited information, but that’s never stopped us before. Here’s the staff of The Ace of Geeks responding to the simple question: Whose side are you on?



Ellie Collins – Team Tony because unchecked vigilantism is what leads to villains and Cap’s judgement is too clouded to see that.

Raven Knighte – Team Tony, because everyone needs a little bit o’ narcissistic superhero now and then.

Mark Foo – Can’t tell from the trailer, but always assume Cap’s right.

Ellie Collins – The film story is not far from the comics, just has updates with current MCU and modern problems

Mark Foo – But in the comics, the actual line wasn’t vigilantes; it was forcing extranormal humans to register even if they were a waiter who could use her mind to carry a tray. That’s a pretty big distinction!

Ellie Collins – Oh I think that will still be there. And the question becomes how to determine if someone is “gifted” enough to register

Mark Foo – Right. If that’s the issue, then Steve’s still right and this suddenly turns Tony into Donald Trump trying to register anyone scary…

Ellie Collins – But Tony isn’t the one registering everyone. He’s the one saying he will go along with the registration plan that was put in front of him. HE will register, and he needs Steve to understand why it’s a good idea. His judgement is clouded too, but Tony will also fight for the regulation to be made more clear. Also there’s a stark difference (pun intended) in what Donald Trump wants and registering people that have superhuman powers. A mere squabble between supers levels entire civilizations. Their scope is far greater than anything we know and there needs to be regulations in place to control is.

Mark Foo – Which is the heart of the issue about whether someone’s gifted enough to register.

Ellie Collins – The problem truly, to me, lies in the fact that Steve is like NO NO NO and Tony is Yes, but could be coaxed into discussion of where to draw the line and actually work out a proper bill proposal because he’s not unfamiliar with that

Raven Knighte – Actually I would like to change sides – I want to be on Team Bucky – becase BUCKY BARNES!!!

There has been a HUGE role reversal! Tony was basically the vigilante and “privatized world peace” but because he went unchecked the events from AoU occurred.
Steve had always been about taking orders and putting faith in people until SHIELD blew up.
I have historically been #TeamSteve just because I felt he was always the better guy. I’m kinda with Mark on this one – I’m going to assume Cap is right until we get some more info.

Ellie Collins – Cap’s judgement is hugely clouded by Bucky. And Tony specifically had a vision of what would happen if they stayed unchecked.

Thomas Tan – #TeamUltron

Ellie Collins – Some men just want to watch the world burn

Malkontent Blizzard – Stated opinion and motivation? Stark. The act provides for uniform training and accountability which is badly needed. However both in the 616 and the MCU we’ve seen his habit of repeating your ideals to you as a cover for his naked self interest.

Jarys Maragopolous – Team Cap.
We don’t understand this confct as well as we will, but from what we know right now: Shield wants Bucky to be put down because of his past violence and destruction. We and Cap know that all of this was when he was under Hydra’s mental command. Cap refuses to let Bucky die because the powers that be are afraid, know their people are afraid, and want to have a narratively simple defeat over what they fear.
I agree with Cap, killing Bucky will not punish or deplete Hydra; those responsible for his actions.

Jarys Maragopolous – Hold on, while I would hope the movie would bring in the politics of the comic, I didn’t hear the registration plot in the trailer, that everyone is reacting to. Did I miss something or is everyone jumping ahead? I am trying to react to just what I see in the trailer.

Malkontent Blizzard – I think they downplayed it in the early trailer to minimize the wrathful reactions to the adjustments

Mike Fatum – At one point in the trailer, Cap is passed some very suspicious looking legislation.
Jarys Maragopolous – Ok, suggestive, but we don’t know these details yet.
But if that’s how we want to play it;
I’ll add that, if the fight is about legislation, I am absolutely on Caps side. People should not be put into a watchlist for anything other than criminal activity. Being in an accident, born unusually, or developing legal tech should never separate citizens into a criminal class.
As I hope Cap would say, we tried this during the cold war by blacklisting “subversives” we do it now with NSA data collection. We in america are, for some stupidity, discussing doing this on the basis of religious affiliation. These things. do not make us safe, they let our fear hurt others and they circumvent Due Process and the right to be safe from unlawful search and siezure, aka the fourth and fifth amendments.Registration is Facism, you could be far safer forcing those who commit vigilantism to register and act under regulation, and this is too far.

Mark Foo – Plus, vigilantism isn’t actually illegal already.

Joe Hadsall – Holy crap, this is a “Twilight”-style battle that I actually care about. #TeamHugitOut

Ellie Collins –  You’re talking registration as with civilians, Jarys. However this is more like vigilante vs. soldier. One is employed and has rules and regulations they must follow or there are consequences. The other acts entirely on whatever they feel.

With people world ending powers who have already proven that their reach decimates entire civilizations a little bit of rules just MIGHT be necessary

Jarys Maragopolous – i see what you are saying, however, my point lies in an area unexplored: the act would effect people who are neither vigilantes nor soldiers, but civilians as well. Legislation may be “for” one group of people, but it must be judged on its effects on every group. At least, from the comics, we know much less about this legislation from the trailer.

Malkontent Blizzard – The professional army isn’t an unalloyed good in the nation’s history

Jarys Maragopolous – In that regulation does not always keep the military from morally straying from the public idea of morality, true. Yes. There is a measurable sense of regulation there, though.

Though, not much on recent actions :< *sigh*

Joe Hadsall – I like the twist of Rogers and Stark reversing those roles, if that’s the story we’re getting. Sets up a lot of interesting possibilities, all of which will be undermined when the REAL bad guy surfaces.

Ellie Collins –Precisely. Thus the tag line “Divided we fall” this is what let’s Thanos in. Also, they’ve changed after everything they’ve gone through.
Mike Fatum – My big thing is, I’m so glad they changed it up from the comics. In the comics, it was very black and white. Cap was a shining star, Tony was an asshole who locked people up in secret prisons and cloned one of his dead friends. This looks way more like people will struggle to pick a side, especially considering the conversation we all just had.
Mike Fatum
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