iZombie Season Finale – Episode 13: Blaine’s World

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Last week, Sebastian killed Kimber – a cheerleader. Then her stoner friend Nate was found dead. Liv ate both their brains in turn, using their memories to figure out what happened. Their goth friend Teresa went to Clive and Liv, and told them what she knows. Clive put a police detail on her for her protection, but she ditched the detail and went to meet her friend Cameron at a hotel. Things were left hanging with Theresa beaten bloody, crawling to the phone and dialing 9-1-1.

This week… jeez, where do I begin? So much mind-blowing stuff! Most of the episode is spent building up to the ending. Rob Thomas is a freaking genius! He wrote this episode and packed the episode so full of OMG moments and a few of really cool explosions. I totally giggled while Major was gearing up with “Der Kommissar” by Falco played in the background.

The episode has a rather abrupt ending, as most cliff-hangers tend to do, and now we all have to just sit here and speculate about what happens. Will Liv give that last dose of the dure to Major? Will she save it, and use it on Evan after donating blood to save his life? Will Major come to terms with being a zombie or will he demand the cure? How will Ravi react when he finds out about all this? And what’s happening with the rat? Did it survive past the 48-hour waiting period? Is it comfy in that hamster ball? Check out the recap, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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