Nerd On – The Theme From the Ace of Geeks



If you’ve listened to any of the episode of The Ace of Geeks Podcast since the site launch, you’ve heard our epic new theme song by the awesome guys at Kessel Run. Now they’ve released a full version for your listening and purchasing pleasure, and you should check it out right now! We’re so thankful to them for capturing the feel of the Ace of Geeks so damn well. Continue reading

AoG Podcast Episode 143 – Somebody Better Open Up a Window!


This week, Jarys invited their old friend Jasmine Joshua-Messenger into the podcast to talk about her newest show; the musical 1776 with a fully female cast. After Jasmine describes her first experience with 1776, they explore the myriad factors in producing a show, from Indigogo to selling tickets. They touch on the passion driving the project as well as the difficulties. Somehow, they find the time to moralize their favorite author, the Late Sir Pratchett. Caution, history nerdetry within.Make sure to check out Jasmine’s Indiegogo campaign!

AoG Podcast Episode 142: Kyle Stevens of Kirby Krackle


Mike and Jarys are joined by Kyle Stevens, the man behind Nerd Rock Pioneers Kirby Krackle! We discuss his early nerd days, the business of being a Nerd Rock band, the TV show Vikings, and most importantly, their new album, Mutate Baby, which drops March 17th!

AoG Podcast Episode 123 – It’s Not a Visual Medium!


It’s the end of the Summer Movie Draft (in October)! The guys from Found in the Alley join the Ace of Geeks to brag about their overwhelming victory. But that’s not all! We discuss the fact that Ryan is on Tumblr (oh god) and hates cover songs, Borderlands, GMs and control of their games, and how well poison works in Legend of the Five Rings.