Casting News: Gillian Anderson to play ‘Media’ in American Gods

Starz’s up coming adaptation of American Gods, one of Neil Gaiman’s best novels to date, has announced another addition to the New Gods pantheon.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is once again time to bow down and worship Gillian Anderson. The beloved actress, known for her roles in X-Files and The Fall will be portraying Media herself. Media is the PR rep of the New Gods, and thrives off the modern adoration of all things screen related – movies, television, computers. Andersen will at times be herself on screen, but she will also play the roles of several famous movie and TV stars, as Media will become whomever is most worshiped at the time.

As a fan of the books and this very promising production, I could not be more pleased by this casting choice. Personally I can’t wait to hear Anderson’s voice come out of the mouth of Lucille Ball on a television screen.

American Gods is the story of old gods and new gods, battling over the incredibly important landscape of the American psyche. The tale is old and at once incredibly new, expect to see such familiar faces as Odin Allfather himself – played by Ian McShane (Deadwood) and living under the name Mr. Wednesday.

These famous, larger than life deities travel through modern America and in and out of the story of Shadow Moon, played by Ricky Whittle (The 100), an ex convict who is suddenly thrust into events and stories far beyond anything he imagined.

Expect more casting announcements and more American Gods news as it develops!

Gwendolyn Reza
Gwendolyn Reza is a lifelong science fiction and fantasy lover based out of San Francisco, California. She loves books, both comic and otherwise, punk rock and all things wild.

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