“Bright” Might Be My Most Conflicting Movie This Year

Netflix released the first trailer for “Bright,” a new Will Smith movie that’s coming to the streaming service in December, this morning. You’d be forgiven for watching it and not having a single clue what is going on, so let’s do that together:

The first few seconds of the teaser look like “Will Smith does Training Day,” which could be interesting but isn’t especially Ace of Geeks material. Then we see an Orc weilding a shotgun and everything goes sideways. This is the long in development movie where Will Smith is a buddy cop with a police officer that is also an Orc, in a world where magic and technology rein side by side.

And that’s exciting.

Plus, it’s Will Smith doing a movie on Netflix, which is just a cool thing to see in this day and age, and while the effects look a little low budget, well, it’s a streaming movie, not a Marvel flick. This looks like the closest we’ll get to a Shadowrun movie for a long time, so that could be really exciting! And it’s written by Max Landis, who wrote Chronicle and that really fun Frankenstein movie from last year, and his stuff is pretty much always great.

But you know, that Orc makeup job looks really familiar. It looks a lot like Killer Croc in Suicide Squad, actually. Who’s directing this?


David Ayer, the man responsible for the now – *sigh* – Oscar winning movie Suicide Squad, and Sabotage, one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, is re-teaming with Smith to make this film. Which means it’s very likely to have all of its potential squandered on ideas that haven’t made sense in about twenty years.

So like I said, conflicting. This seems cool. It will probably be awful.

What do you think? Will you see Bright in December?

Patrick Lowry

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