Boom! Studios Power Rangers # 9 Morphs the Status Quo

It’s Spoiler Time!

Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! If you haven’t kept up with Boom ! Studios Morphinominal “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” comic series, be warned that spoilers for the series, including issue 9, which is out today follow. If you need to catch up, you can check out your local comic retailer for back issues, or pick up the trade paperback – Volume 1 covers the first 4 issues, and can be found at most comic retailers.

In the past weeks, both Boom!  Studios. and Kyle Higgins, comic writer for Boom! Studio’s monthly “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” comic series has promised that issue 9 would change the series in big ways.

(Well, it was a retweet, but still!)

The monthly series, which kicked off with issue #0 back in January, has been consistently producing top-notch issues month-to-month. The series started off as being touted as “Green Ranger: Year Zero.” Taking place after the events of the television mini-series, “Green With Evil,” the comic series focuses on the integration of Tommy, the once-evil Green Ranger to the team (and if you need to catch up with the TV mini-series, Shout! Factory has released the 5 episode mini-series on DVD).

Higgins tells a great story of how Tommy struggles to integrate with the team, dealing with his own feelings of self doubt, and as the series starts, he’s plagued with visions of Rita. While the TV show generally had the team conflict as part of Rita’s schemes and part of her “Monster of the Day” plot, the series has done a great job showing them work through real conflict, such as Zack’s doubt over accepting Tommy on the team.

As the series has progressed, we learn Rita’s plan. In Issue 4, she brings forth a villain named “The Black Dragon” from another dimension – a villain who has it out for the Power Rangers. The Black Dragon makes life difficult for the Power Rangers. Mere moments after we meet him, he destroys the Command Center so Rita can move in, separates the Rangers from Zordon and Alpha, kidnaps Billy and strips the core 5 Rangers of their powers, and takes control of their Zords.

In Issue 9, we find out that the Black Dragon was actually a Zord. After teleporting Billy and Tommy to his home dimension, he reveals his true form to Rita:

Black Dragon True Form

The Mystery Ranger’s suit has some design aspects of both the Green Ranger and the White Ranger suits – both of which were worn by Tommy. Is this an alternate world of Tommy, one who succumbed to the darkness? An over-zealous Tommy Fan turned evil? Whatever it is, the suit looks sleek, menacing, and most importantly, awesome.

Higgins and the team at Boom! have done a great job with bringing the series into a modern setting. By setting it in the modern day as opposed to 1993, we see more use of things like cell phones and YouTube, as well as some new concepts they’ve introduced, like a Pocket Dimension for training (think “Danger Room” from  X-Men.) Rita feels more menacing, and without Zordon and Alpha (even Billy), the team is truly on their own and against a new challenge.

The comic retains the familiarity of the characters, while removing some camp and grounding them with real struggles and personality traits, giving a much needed breath of fresh air in the franchise. Hendry Prasetta’s artwork is a great look for the book, and I can’t stop collecting the Goñi Montes BEAUTIFUL variant covers (though my wallet probably does.) I can’t say enough good things about this series, and recommend anybody who likes a good story, or Power Rangers to pick it up.

But what’s the deal about this new Power Ranger? The only way to find out is to continue reading along with Boom! Studio’s VERY excellent “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series. Issue 10 is slated to come out on December 21 and give some much deserved time to Billy. To check out today’s surprise, you can pick up Issue 9 which is out today in stores and online. And if you need to catch up further than that, you can order the the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Trade Paperback Volume 1, collecting issues 0-4, and pre-order Volume 2 today!

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JC didn’t even think about writing a bio until his article was due. What can you say right before a deadline? JC grew up in a small town, and quickly became the resident geek, spewing off random facts about movies, comics and Power Rangers to whoever would listen. Currently residing in Southern Oregon, JC still spends his days doing much of the same (though he has disposable income to buy cosplays and go to conventions). JC recently started collecting Pop Vinyls and his friends and family, concerned at the immovable wall of them, are currently planning an intervention.

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