Blade Runner 2049 Teases More Story in Second Trailer

Hollywood seems desperate to tap into the idea of a franchise these days that they’ve mined the back catalog of just about everything that’s ever been popular. And since Blade Runner is considered one of the greatest science fiction masterpieces of the 80s, making a sequel now makes a lot of sense. That doesn’t assuage the worries of fans all over the world that trying to add to what some consider a perfect story is nothing more than a cheap cash grab. This trailer, I think, might change their mind.



While we got a little bit of a tease in a previous trailer that showed us the new movie would be nailing the look of the previous universe, this trailer gave me a lot more hope for them nailing what made the original so special. Denis Villenueve, the director responsible for the slow-burn sci-fi masterpiece Arrival, is pouring the feel of 80s sci-fi into this film, while still giving it a modern twist. And while this trailer is probably a little more action packed than fans of the original would like, it still looks to be mostly conversations about the nature of humanity in between the gunfights and explosions. And really, isn’t that what we all want?

Blade Runner 2049 comes out this October. What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments.

Patrick Lowry

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